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Sceneami is a social site for movie lovers. By using it, they'll be able to tell the world at large about the movies they have been watching more recently, and also to give each one of these a rating.



Rating 7.0

I came across this site recently and being the huge film geek that I am, I was very keen to check out what it's all about. I like the idea that I can list films and TV shows that I've watched, on the basis that I'm slowly collating a database of my personal film watching activity; I guess in a couple of years, if I stick at it, it will be really interesting to look through and scrutinise what I watched and what I thought of something at a particular moment in time.
Obviously beyond the aforementioned, it's a great way to share your views and opinions about what you've been watching. I like the way you can click on through to other users profiles to see how compatible your film tastes are based on the star ratings they have given. If you like them, you are able to 'follow' them. Over time, this feature should prove to be fruitful as you will no doubt come across film titles that you have never heard of, ultimately enhancing your film viewing repertoire.


Rating 5.0

My biggest bugbear with this site is it's lack of information on how one is expected to use it. After a lot of searching, I finally found an FAQ section on the Contact page (!?!) which is located at the footer of all pages. To be fair, this does give the user plenty of information on how to navigate the site etc but it really shouldn't be this difficult to find a basic mission statement or site synopsis; I think they've definitely missed a trick here. Although on the flip side of this, the site is relatively intuitive and shouldn't take to long for the user to figure it out.


Rating 6.0

I like the design and layout of the site overall; It's very clean and friendly looking with it's predominately white and grey colour scheme. It's biggest aesthetic let down, is the logo. Unfortunately, I feel it manages to cheapen an otherwise clean and contemporary looking site. The thin red typeface presented in uppercase sitting next to the dull and somewhat cliched film strip, is in desperate need of an upgrade. A change of branding would inevitably help Sceneami to stand out in a sea of similarly dull looking sites.
My favourite visual element here is the default image used for the users' avatar. Generally these are very safe and understated but this time we see one with an illustration of a suited person with a bag over their head. I love the humour and personal touch this brings to the site.


Rating 6.0

Sceneami is a good idea and with the right nips and tucks, it could become a relatively successful site. At the time of me writing this, it only appears to have a very small amount of users, which for a site that apparently started in 2007, is a big shame. When I consider the amount of cinema goers and film fanatics out there, a site where one can share their passion for film with others should be massive. I'm sure if the site got more of a push via Facebook and Twitter, it would grow very quickly in popularity making it a force to be reckoned with.