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Added 20/04/2011
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Art & Design


Society6 is for artists, designers and anyone who enjoys great art and design. Sign up as yourself, set-up your Studio, start posting your artwork, and even make it immediately available for sale as a variety of Society6 products (Art Prints, T-shirts and more).



Rating 10

There are various sites out there that allow one to showcase their creative work to a global community. However, Society6 has taken that notion and driven it one step further with an end result that seems rather unique. It allows creatives such as artists and graphic designers to upload their work to the site, giving them the chance to immediately sell it as a variety of different products ranging from art prints to T-shirts. So in other words it has a dual purpose; it basically fuses ones creative portfolio with an outlet.

It's free to sign up to and also gives it's users the opportunity to collaborate with the likes of, amongst others, Threadless, Vans and MTV. Making the whole prospect of getting involved even rosier.


Rating 8.0

Society6 is a massively visual site and this has been reflected extremely well in it's simple, user friendly navigation. Rather than being greeted by loads of unnecessary 'fluff', it kicks straight in with what counts - the work on offer. One can search under 3 main categories: 'Popular', 'Discover' and 'New' they can then filter them by work added within the last 24 hrs, 7 days of 30 days.

When it comes to 'Shopping' one can pick from 7 key categories down the left hand side which include 'Art Prints (which can be filtered by various categories)', 'Stretched Canvases', 'iPhone Cases', 'Laptop & iPad Skins', 'iPhone & iPod Skins', 'Hoodies' and 'T-shirts'. All these massively intuitive functions have been executed extremely well which makes the whole user experience a joy.


Rating 8.0

As with a lot of the other creative websites that showcase beautiful and exciting work, Society6 have gone for a simple and clean aesthetic, utilising grey text and headers against a crisp white background was definitely a good move; the work just pops-out from the page, instantly catching the users eye.

The overall look feels very 'of the moment' and quite rightly so. A website peddling highly creative work, certainly needs to maintain some credibility within its own right; fortunately it succeeds and delivers a very slick yet slightly understated site.


Rating 8.7

Purely from the consumer side of Society6, I think it's fantastic. I could happily spend my money on some of the outstanding and creative work on offer here; whether it be a 28" x 38" canvas of Batman with a nose bleed or an ipod skin of a dog sniffing another dogs backside! Even the prices are reasonable, making the whole prospect even more peachy.

In some ways I would say that Society6 is similar to Threadless. What makes it different is the immediacy of it. To get your work used by Threadless, users have to vote etc. which is quite a lengthy process with no guarantees at the end. However, Society6 give the creatives a platform to instantly have their work on sale without having to go through a long convoluted process first. Admittedly, the rewards and kudos for getting ones work used by Threadless are greater but I personally like the fact that I can cut the crap and go straight for the jugular here. Unfortunately, the money Society6 pay the creative isn't a great deal but then I guess 'something' is better than 'nothing'.True, one could set up their own site selling their creative work which could, in theory, give a much healthier yield but then on the other hand there's so much work involved, is it really worth the hassle combined with the risk? Society6 could be the perfect answer to road test ones work. What are you waiting for, give it a whirl.