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Styleboost is a gallery for showcasing beautiful web sites. It has been around since January 2001 and is all about showing off great designers' and developers' work.



Rating 10

Styleboost was created in January 2001 by Johan Bakken, a senior interaction designer based in Norway. The idea behind this one is very simple; it works as an online gallery that showcases beautiful, cool, and inspiring websites by both designers and developers all over the world, ultimately becoming an invaluable source of inspiration for both creatives and techies alike.

i first heard about this site back in 2005 whilst working as a design intern in a small company in Finland. I have to admit that the job was rather dull, so when the other designer informed me that he used Styleboost for design inspiration, I couldn't wait to take a look. From that time on, I have always found it to be an invaluable resource that has helped and inspired me at those times when I've been suffering from total creative brain freeze; not to mention the dull periods in the studio waiting for the day to end.


Rating 9.0

The user experience is very smooth and hassle free, with a simple and concise user interface. Having selected a site of interest from the homepage, the user simply clicks through with the option to read it's concise Styleboost review. They then have the option to 'Launch' the actual site and peruse it at their leisure.
I personally find it useful that on the homepage view, one has the option to select from 3 handy 'quick' options comprising of 'Launch', 'Discuss' and 'Like'; another great little quirk.

For the more technically minded people out there, Styleboost is hosted by Dreamhost and powered by CodeIgniter also making use of jQuery. It utalises BackType for it's Twitter related offerings.


Rating 9.0

Styleboosts' current incarnation is both user friendly and extremely slick. It's use of crisp white as a backdrop juxtaposes perfectly against the bright and enticing blue that houses each individual site entry.

I've often stated that a resource aimed at creative people should indeed be creative itself; well, I certainly haven't been let down here. The site is a pleasure to use and looks great without ever overshadowing the examples of sites listed in its pages, which after all, are what the sites all about.


Rating 9.3

Firstly, I just have to say how much I personally love the fact that Styleboost exists, especially as it is essentially run by one guy in Norway. I've watched it evolve over the years since I was first introduced to it and thankfully it's still as good today as it was the first day I used it, despite having had several facelifts. As previously mentioned, it's been an inspiration to me over the years and it always gives me great pleasure to introduce my creative friends to it's wondrous joys.

If Johan ever decides not to run this site anymore, it will be a very sad day in my world of design. Keep it coming Johan!