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Added 16/06/2009
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GradeGuru, a site powered by McGraw-Hill Education is an internet community for students, who need some help with organizing their notes, or those who want to share their knowledge and earn money. It appears that this site will include only the best quality information, without any illegal, plagiarised or messy content.



Rating 9.0

<p>This site is <a href="" rel="nofollow"><em> "the manifestation of one crazy woman's dream to improve the lot of university students everywhere" </em></a>. The name of that lady has not been stated, but clearly, she knows all about the hardships and terrors of student's life. The lack of good materials, the unwillingness of colleagues to share, the fear of not being prepared, unclear requirements and the overall stress of the exam sessions' </p>
<p>GradeGuru was created as an educational aid for students, to help them organize their knowledge, and build the spirit of cooperation, rather than competition among them. Those who decide to help, by publishing their notes are rewarded with points, which are later transformed into money, but also, they can get fame for their knowledge, and get noticed by future employers. </p>


Rating 8.0

<p>Students who register to this site can browse through the posted content, which is organized according to the name of the school, the course, teacher, and subject, so the students can find the exact notes they need for the attended course. Users can also use the search engine to find the knowledge connected with keywords they use. - Those who decide to share their notes, can upload them in a text file or as a scan of handwritten notes. This could lead to a flood of silly, of inappropriate content, but the quality is closely guarded by the moderators, and users themselves, who grade the files. The terms of use clearly state that all content, that can be uploaded, must be created by students themselves, without copying other people's materials, teacher's handouts or colleagues' essays. Publishing any plagiarisms could lead to the deleting of account and loosing collected points. </p>
<p>Most active users get rewards, and the number of points is calculated by a "quality-quantity algorithm", so the more the notes, and the better they are, the more money you can get. A set of notes from one course could earn the author about $50, or the points could be exchanged for "cool stuff", non monetary awards from any of the site's partners. </p>


Rating 7.0

<p>The design of the site is very professional, clear, and looks trustworthy. As the site is all about education, there are no traces of mistakes in the texts. There are no unnecessary details, only the important content. The only thing that arouses my doubts is the possibility to upload scans of handwritten texts, because writing might be difficult to decipher.</p>


Rating 8.0

<p>It's very uplifting, to see a site which was created not in order to collect money, but actually to give them away in exchange for knowledge and creativity. There's never enough of spreading and promoting knowledge, and it's a brilliant idea to engage students in the activity of sharing. This site will be valuable to the takers - those who just want to read someone's notes, and to the givers, who will get the chance to organize their knowledge, become famous, and get the money for needed books, food, and whatever else a student may need.</p>