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Stylehive Connecting stylish people.
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Stylehive is the internet version of a meeting of a bunch of friends who gossip about the latest fashion collections, celebrities' outfits and share style advice. It's a very busy (just as a hive should be) place filled with information about the latest trends, clothes, gadgets and other objects a stylish person should posses.



Rating 8.0

This site is based on the idea that good style is something worth following and sharing through a hive-like internet structure. It's a 'shopping community', where users, mostly female, exchange information and links to their recent purchases, and general style advice. It's also a place for entrepreneurs who can advertise their products and get accurate feedback. The topic of the site is quite broad - it's not only about clothes, but fashion trends in general, beauty, furniture and even a bit of technology.


Rating 8.0

Stylehive users get enough information on this site to stay busy. The most important activity would be following the profiles of other 'bees' to see what they bought or what they would like to get, or what bargains and promotions they found. But there is more - the site also has a section of professional articles related to fashion, thematic forums, communities for people who share the same interests and blogs.
This site would most likely be active with those features, but the creators decided to add some bonuses, to keep it even more interesting and up to date, such as contests, polls and giveaways.


Rating 7.0

The site is professionally designed, and the large amount of information is displayed in a well organized manner. The user can explore the site with pleasure without getting lost or confused. The site is also filled with professional photos of clothes and accessories, which is a pleasant sight for any fashion lover.


Rating 7.7

Stylehive closes the gap between fashion shops and their potential customers, by letting the customers show what they like best, and the shops to advertise. The social features allow the users to build a new network of fashion obsessed friends. It's a great source of information about trends, not only for buyers but also shops, designers and journalists.