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Instagram A Picture speaks a thousand words.
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Photography Image Sharing


Finally a fast mobile picture app that shares the moment (not the moment just after 'gahh!'), flourishing through a globally integrated network, using geo-location and content connections in a simple but powerful way.
Share your visual perspective, connect through your point of view,
share your: 'I can't believe I'm seeing this' moment or just simply
'This is a photo what I did'.
To flaunt the cliche 'A picture speaks a thousand words' and this proves to be a huge contrast over very limiting 140 characters.



Rating 8.0

Instagram is a mobile based app that allows users to quickly take a photo or image, apply a preset filter and post to the instagram network to be optionally forwarded onto other connected networks.

Instagram is unique as it combines a Twitter style micro-feed with square image format. Users can 'Love' and comment on fellow users posts and unlike many other picture sharing apps, Instagram is fast, reliable and connects to several other networks in a constructive and integrated way.

The way it connects means you can gain a reasonable amount of followers from the outset too, through linking to friends you already have like facebook, twitter and your email accounts


Rating 9.0

Instagram is a snappy app and the response speed of the app gives it a massive advantage over many other picture apps that focus on other less important aspects, far less important than actually taking the picture itself.

Once the image is determined the user has the option of applying one of the several quality filters to add bit of style to the image, whether it be retro 70's color contrast, vintage black & white, mono print, or a specialist lomo-camera style effect.

The image can then be named, geo tagged - either by identifying a location label from a past nearby post or adding a new one as simple as that.

The image is then posted to your instagram stream and optionally posted to your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous, Foursquare or Flickr to be viewed by your followers there too, furthering your reach.


Rating 10

Instagram has several layout pages, the main page being much like a twitter micro-feed but as pictures and a small comments / like section below. You have 5 main pages; being Feed, Popular, Share, News and Profile.

Feed - The stream of new pictures and their 'likes' and comments of who you are following.

Popular - shows a grid view of images that have proved to be popular from all over the world. Its a great way to find new profile's to follow and see what images and posts have been received well across the network.

Share - Brings up the view finder for your on board camera or an option to select images from your current library, then you can go through the process of sharing a new image.

News - Gives you a simple and digestible update on who has commented and liked your posted images and who is new to following your stream.


Rating 9.0

Unlike alot of other picture social networks - Instagram has truly captured a sense of community through image sharing, and users are able to develop a completely unique relationship to compared other picture networks down to its simple feature of speed and integration.

A broader and more sublime sense of picture based communication can now be achieved, reliant upon what images you decide to share: the title you give it: when or where the picture is and the subject matter.

Much can be said about your personality and expressed through your image choices - unlike a text based communication which depends on perspective, insight and context - One can express themselves through their unique perception - a shared but subjective viewpoint - not a text based specification that has already been iterated with a singular meaning.

A Picture speaks a thousand words.