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BBP stands for Big Beautiful People, an expression often used to describe all the people who don't fit into the 'desirable' size range, but choose to be happy with their weight instead of torturing themselves with diets and guilt. Unfortunately, large people are often discriminated not only in the 'real world' but on social networking, and especially dating sites too. This site promises them a safe place to find similar people.



Rating 5.0

In the beginning of online dating, the sites were for everybody, but soon smaller groups emerged and realized that they have problems with finding their soulmates in a general crowd. New, more specialized sites appeared, such as dating for geeks (, for members of a certain religion (, ethnicity ( or people with similar tastes ( Some sites judge people on the basis of their appearance and accept only those who are considered attractive (, or in this case, big.


Rating 3.0

The first page says that over 1000 people join it every day, and that it has a very high success rate. It also offer the possibility to browse the page before joining, but the link leads straight to a lengthy profile creation menu. There we can find a couple of surprises, for example the marital status window does not offer a 'married' option, and the 'ethnicity' window has options such as 'Russian' or 'Italian', apart from the usual 'Caucasian' or 'Black'. Other details, such as relationship expectations, income or profession can be edited after the profile has been created. This profile creation system is a bit frustrating, because it doesn't allow the user to see what is on the site, and decide if it's worth joining, before submitting a list of personal details. Also, the division between the 'important' and 'less important' details is not clear.

Unlike OKCupid, of eHarmony, this site does not have a matching system, all is left to the users who can adjust the search criteria to their tastes (choosing the age range, ethnicity, location etc) and browse through the results. This, of course works, but is not really impressive compared to the possibilities other dating sites offer.

The site, even though really simple and old fashioned is not free. Using its features, such as exchanging messages, costs about $15 a month, and i don't see the reason why the users should prefer paying for using BBPeopleMeet for this price, when there are many sites which offer more functionalities for free.

Another annoying thing about the site is the time limit -after a while of reading a certain page, the user sees a popup window which announces that the session will be closed in 5 minutes. Maybe the paying subscribers don't have the time limit and the site admins want to convince the rest to pay to stop getting the popups? i doubt that this could work.


Rating 2.0

BBPeopleMeet looks very old fashioned, with blocks of text, and a boring menu in the left column. There are no details which would make it look a bit more attractive, even the font used in the menus is standard and boring. The site's topic (dating for big people) could be presented with a whole range of fun and aesthetic decorations, which would make the site attractive and pleasant to use, unfortunately, there is nothing of that sort.


Rating 3.3

There are so many dating sites at the moment, that creating something new and tempting requires a lot of creativity, humor and work. Making a boring site with little to offer besides a niche set of users is not enough anymore. Maybe BBPeopleMeet has many users, but they deserve a more interesting, beautiful and exciting site than what they are getting right now.