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Added 23/11/2010
Official_review Trupki Created by Kasia ZieliƄska A creative competition and social game.
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Charity, Social Activism, Philanthropy

Introduction: uses the technologies we know from modern tv shows - publishing a video, voting for the best one, and letting the least popular disappear one by one. However, instead of focusing on songs, talent shows, or the participants' appearance, Yoxi gives them the opportunity to present their ideas about making the world a better place, and offers awards, and actual help with realizing their projects.



Rating 9.0 was created to help popularize new ideas about 'changing the world' and to give users the means to fulfill their dreams. It's about 'playing' together in order to achieve real, important goals.
The announced competition has a reasonable and achievable topic. It's not about saving all wildlife, or removing all pollution in the world or introducing world peace, but 'reinventing fast food'. As we all know, fast food is not only hazardous to people's health, but also connected to high pollution and animal cruelty. What if we found ways to popularize food which is cheap and easy to make, and healthy at the same time ?


Rating 7.0

The competition process goes as follows - the service announces the topic, and publishes a video relating to it, along with deadlines and instructions. Teams, or individual creators submit their videos expressing their attitude in the first round, and ideas about improving the situation in the second. Later, there is the time to vote and let the weaker ones drop out, and the best win. Users can post comments, along with specialists invited to be the jury.
The site is easy to operate, the videos are displayed without any problems, on a professional looking site. Users can comment, vote or even donate money to their favorite team. The interesting thing is that each user can cast only one vote, so they will make a careful decision instead of spamming the site with multiple votes.


Rating 6.0

The site is simple, clear and vivid. The most important part, which is the videos, are well displayed. The layout colors are strong and clear, without any unnecessary details or decorations.


Rating 7.3 is a modern way of sharing and popularizing ideas, and can really help some people who have a vision, to make this vision come true. The site deals with problematic issues we all have in common, and probably have ideas for improvements, but no way to introduce them. Hopefully, the site will develop and have even more interesting projects in the future.