AdoptAGuy - a romance mall
Added 09/11/2010
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AdoptAGuy It's raining men
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There are so many dating sites already, that any new ones have to introduce really original or even bizarre features to get noticed. There are sites for normal singles, for beautiful people, for gamers, and even zombies, but one of the major flaws in them is that there are usually far more men than women, and that the women often feel annoyed with the number and quality of the messages they receive. AdoptAGuy creators decided to make them feel more comfortable on their site.



Rating 6.0

The whole site, including the logo, reminds the user of a shopping mall. It's based on the stereotype that 'all women love shopping', so why not let them shop for partners? Even in the process of profile creation, female users are described as 'Clients', while the males are 'Products'. The 'products' can't pick female profiles and send messages to start a relationship, here the first step belongs to women. They can 'browse the shelves' stacked with male profiles, to decide which ones are interesting enough to put in the 'cart'. Only they can message the guys and wait for their response. This definitely solves the problem of mailboxes filled with 'creepy stalker' messages, but is probably not very tempting for the men, whose only role is to create a profile and wait to be picked.


Rating 6.0

Using the site is very simple - users create a profile, much like everywhere else, adding photos, a description (including hobbies and tastes), and in case of female 'clients' - their shopping list, which is a description of a type of guy they're looking for. The male profiles are put into categories connected to their fashion style for example 'eccentric', 'goth' or 'metrosexual', social style (artsy, intellectual) other features (tattoos, tan) or specialty (cooking, writing, music). It's also possible to rate the profiles, adding points to their 'overall appearance', 'handling', innovation' or 'user friendly' feature.
Both kinds of users can make their profiles more attractive by adding photos, lengthening the description and being generally active on the site.


Rating 7.0

The site is very consistent with its general 'shopping' idea. The only thing which reminds us that it's not really a shop, is the pillow like background. The site is set in black and pink, colors that many female users will probably enjoy, and the navigation is simple and easy.


Rating 6.3

This site might draw attention with its alternative approach to the dating process, but it will probably raise some controversies as well. Dividing users into 'buyers' and 'products' on the basis of their sex is definitely sexist, and would most likely cause a huge stir in feminist circles if it were designed other way found (and ladies were the 'products'). The design of this site solves some problems for female users (gives them more choice, more power and diminishes the number of unwanted messages) but at the same time, creates some awkwardness for the male ones (who can't really do anything, until they get contacted by someone). Another controversial thing is a complete lack of space for gay members. So, this site seems to be only for people who can approach it with a lot of humor, and treat it as a new and interesting way of meeting people, without feeling offended by the unusual treatment of gender stereotypes.