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Curbly is a community of 'people who love where they live', and this passion for homes and their decoration is clearly visible everywhere on this site. Lead by a team of professional designers, the site welcomes contributions from other users. This site is not about buying the best objects for the house, but mainly about making them yourself, to add a personalized touch to the cozy nest.



Rating 8.0

Everyone can hire a decorator, or buy a set of furniture and ornaments in a shop, but few people know how to make and create home objects that reflect their personality. Often, people who would like to add some nice things to their house simply don't know how to make them, or where to find inspiration. Curbly is filled with great ideas and tutorials along with advice, questions and answers and blogs. It's a very rich and beautifully designed source of knowledge for a homemaker.


Rating 9.0

A brand new user has to go through simple registration process. The site doesn't require filling up enormous questonnaires, just the nickname, and date of birth. There are some suggestions for filling up the profile which are a bit more original, than the usual 'job and interests' forms, for example 'what presents did you give to your friends recently?'.
After registration, we get a nice profile, optionally with a picture, some information and the possibility to invite friends from the address books to Curbly, and we can start exploring the site. It's divided into three main parts: TOPICS, STORE and COMMUNITY. The 'topics' part is filled with hundreds of short articles about different kinds of furniture, DIY techniques, decorations etc. Some articles appear in more than one category, for example in 'DIY', 'Kitchen' and Helloween' at the same time.
Those users who have particular questions, can post them in the 'community' section and wait for answer from other users, or the editors.
The store contains the tutorials created by the editors either in a paper version or in a high resolution PDF file.


Rating 10

The site is about style and decoration - and the layout is in perfect harmony with the contents. Starting with the background with lovely hand drawn details, through articles with lovely colourful photos, to tutorials with details about every stage of creation of the object. Browsing through the site is a pleasure, everything is easily accessible, and both the photos and descriptions provide the user with lots of inspiration.


Rating 9.0

There are many sites for crafters and home decorators, but Curbly is definately one of the nicest places to visit. The only thing which could limit the number of fans is the fact that it promotes 'mid century' style above all others. Still, there are hundreds of ideas that can be used in all kinds of interiors, and a friendly community of users who share their advice and experience.