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The name of the site could suggest something scary, or unpleasant, but in reality it's a site about travelling filled with a lot of useful information. It's based on the 'collective wisdom' phenomenon, which enables the user to draw from the experience and opinions of many people.



Rating 7.0

There are already many travel oriented sites, but this one might turn out to be really useful. Unlike most sites for tourists, which are created by resort owners, who want to convince everyone that their hotel is perfect, Boo has reviews and comments published by tourists who experiences all the good and bad sides of staying in a particular place. This kind of information is really useful for travellers who want to avoid unpleasant surprises and find the place that suits their holiday needs best.


Rating 5.0

Users can browse the catalog by city or hotel names, but also by attractions, restaurants and bars. This seems to be an obvious division, but the site lacks more detailed search, for users who would like to find for example 'the best resort for safe family holidays in moderate climate'. Boo can be useful when the user knows where they would like to go, and just wants to learn more about the details, but not for someone who has a general idea about what the holidays should be like, but no idea about the location.

The catalog is very clear - after submitting the name of the city, the user can read more about it, look at photos, and check out the list of hotels in that location. There's also a slideshow of photos and even information about the current weather. The photos are submitted by users, so they have various quality and sizes.
The hotels usually have comments submitted by users, and a rating based on the number of 'thumbs up' and 'thumbs down' given by the users.
Unfortunately, there isn't a rating of 'the best' hotels, the only criteria of search are locations and the number of stars (from budget hotels to 5 star hotels).


Rating 4.0

The site is designed in a rather old fashioned way, but still functional and pleasing. We have a main menu bar at the top of the page, more detailed bar underneath, main information block in the middle and extra information boxes on the right. Profiles contain links to reviews submitted by the user, along with a map of places the person has visited, but are not customizable, and don't look very interesting.


Rating 5.3

Boo is a decent site, and could be useful for people who have already chosen their holiday desination, but is probably not the best place for someone who wants to make a general research. Also, the provided information is much more useful for young travellers, than families. Maybe this will change once more family oriented users join in and start writing their own reviews? The database is limited, so far, so it features mostly big European and American cities, but has little information about other locations. Of course, the database is growing with each user's submission, so maybe in the future Boo will become much more detailed.