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Added 16/06/2009
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Joobili is a travel planning site, with a whole lot of interesting features - a catalogue of events, adjusting the content to the chosen timeline, creating one's profile and promoting the memories and photos from one's travels. This is a site for those who don't want to rely on travel agencies, or follow crowds of tourists, but want to explore Europe in an independent way.



Rating 10

<p>There are many sites with travel advice, descriptions of interesting events and locations, but Joobili offers a completely new approach. Here, we don't browse through the offers just to see that everything has happened already, or will happen when we will not be able to travel, but rather start with defining the time period in which we might have some time off. Then we get access to a whole range of interesting information about places and events. The content comes from both the site editors, the organizers of events, and users themselves, who can upload their photos, descriptions and opinions.</p>


Rating 8.0

<p>The first thing that we see on the front page is the time slider. We can adjust it to the dates we want to fill with travel and adventure, and this will define the rest of our exploration. The system adjusts the event pages to the time we chose, so we will be informed only about things that will happen then. Each of the event pages contains a map, a description, some photos, and a list of Joobiliers who are planning to go there, so the user can even get in touch with others to plan a trip together. The events are organized by their dates, and topics (arts, shopping, nature) so the users can find what best suits their needs. User profiles contain information about that persons travel plans, visited places, and galleries of photos taken during their trips. Each new content raises the rank of the user, from "tourist" to "nomad" (the details of ranking are said to be in the FAQ, but sadly, the FAQ page doesn't work). The site deals with European places and events, which can be a bit limiting, but on the other hand, it's a nice change from American-dominated services.</p>


Rating 10

<p>I just fell in love at the first sight with this page. I really enjoy nice, colorful swirls, round shapes, and bubbles. The layout of the site evokes the mood of freedom, and makes traveling seem ever more tempting. The icons are pretty, photos are well arranged, and the whole site is pleasant and very user friendly.</p>


Rating 9.3

<p>Joobili might not become a global community of travelers, but those who want to explore Europe can see it as a very useful too. This might also be a great place to promote local events, or small places which get overlooked in the offers of big travel agencies. It looks like a great idea, with a well organized site, and I'm sure it deserves a lively community of users.</p>