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GameCrush is based on a simple stereotype - gamers are usually male, not too attractive, and lonely, while pretty girls usually don't play games. But, if they get paid for playing, they will do it, and those who complain about the lack of female game companions will gladly pay. Everyone will be happy, including the site's owners, who will take their share of the profit.



Rating 6.0

GameCrush is supposed to be about decent gaming entertainment in a pleasant company, and helping peopel who enjoy games get to know each other. But, unlike other dating sites, here one of the parties pays, and the other receives the money.
PlayDates can be of both sexes, in fact, anyone can sign up as a PlayDate, there are no requirements as to age, appearance, or availability, so each PlayDate sets their own hours, choose their favorite platforms and games.


Rating 5.0

GameCrush, contrary to what we could expect, is not a gaming platform. People who meet there, will not play the same game through the site, but they can, for example, exchange their XBOX Live information, or WoW nicknames and meet in the game reality. The site only provides them with profile access, and a webcam connection.
The sessions cost 36 cents per minute, the PlayDate can earn up to $20 an hour.
After the game, the Player will be able to leave feedback for the PlayDate, but the feature is not available in the beta version.


Rating 5.0

GameCrush consists mainly of the Dates photos, which are also the links to their profiles. The profiles will have soem customization options, but for now they are mainly black and red sections, with white writing, which is a bit striking, but goes well with the atmosphere of games and flirting.


Rating 5.3

Most sites where people are paid for sitting in front of their webcams are basically naughty. GameCrush owners claim that it's not a sex site, and that users are supposed to behave in a decent way, but some profile photos suggest that revealing clothes and provocative poses could be a very important part of the gaming experience. This site is already getting popular and making quite a lot of money, so it was a brilliant idea from the marketing point of view. But what message does it send? That attractive girls will only play games if paid for it? Or that some male players simply can't find company to play with and are becoming desperate? Maybe the site will fulfill a certain niche, for people who enjoy mixing game playing with a bit of naughtiness, which will allow players who just want to enjoy their game to play in peace, without getting flirty messages?