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Ecology & Environment


Care2 is one of those internet places which focus on making the world a better place. Here, the people who care about the environment, wildlife and human rights can read articles, promote their activities and also earn points which will later be transformed into charity donations.



Rating 9.0

Randy Paytner, the creator of Care2 sayt that 'being the force of good' is his life mission. As an environmental activist he realized the power of volunteers and charity organisation, and decided to help them get in touch by creating a social networking site. Since its launch in 1998, Care2 has become one of the largest activism oriented sites, with over 14 million members.


Rating 9.0

As this site is based on doing things in the offline world and connecting people with real organisations, it requires true personal data to sign in. Users can then create profiles with their interests, photos and other significant information, much like on other social networking sites.
Users and visitors have access to a huge library of articles and news, divided into topics such as 'animal welfare', 'real food', 'civil rights' and other.
Apart from simply getting to know each other and discussing various topics, the users can also post their petitions, promote causes and donate money.
Being active on the site is rewarded by 'butterfly credits', for example 20 for a comment, 50 for signing a petition, 1 for a daily visit. Credits can lated be redeemed, but not for personal gain, but for supporting one of the listed charities.
Of course, not everyone can create a charity and get money from butterfly credits, only reliable and evaluated organisations can do it.


Rating 9.0

The site is focused on ecological and anarchistic lifestyle, yet the site's design is professional and flawless. The content is arranged in an intuitive and clear way, and even a brand new user knows exactly where to go to find the information he needs. The sections are explained and described, and the profiles, even though they seem to be influenced by MySpace, are much less messy. Some users add lots of glittery ornaments or different sized photos, but still their profiles look well.


Rating 9.0

It's difficult to measure the real impact Care2 has on the state of the world, but it most certainly is a great source of knowledge for environment and civil rights activists. Because of the enormous number of users and connection to many charity organisations, any activist who joins can promote and find supporters even for a niche cause.