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Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Elftown is one of the largest internet gathering places for artistic fantasy fans. It contains a gallery, so the pages are filled with hundreds of fairy portraits, dragons and elven archers, but the site also has networking features.



Rating 5.0

Elftown evolved from the Elfwood networking site and separated from it in 2007. It is a place for people who love fantasy stories and let the world of fables and magic influence their lives and the art they create. Many users post their photos or drawings, as well as art in other forms - stories, poems or diaries. Elftown is supposed to be a place where you can shere your sensitive soul with similar people in kind atmosphere.


Rating 3.0

The most important part of the site is the Wiki. It contains users' galleries, where each entry is the gallery of different user, but can be used also to describe or advertise a role playing system, a real life event or a contest. Unfortunately, the Wiki pages do not seem to be organized in any particular order. The user can browse 'the most artistic' or 'the most popular' sections, but there are no clear categories we coule expect.
There are polls, contests, and tutorials, but again, not clearly displayed.
The users' profiles can contain information about their interests, favourite drawing subjects and lifestyle, but are not customizable, apart from adding photos and images. Such an artistic community could have more possibilities to express their personalities through profile designing options.
There are some security settings - some of the information is available only to those who log in, but no way to succesfuly browse through profiles in order to find someone from a particular location, or with certain tastes.
If one compares this site to DeviantArt - a gallery also filled with fantasy and science fiction images, Elfwood will appear confusing and outdated.


Rating 2.0

The site aspires to be a lovely place. The name itself suggests beauty and perfect design, but the reality is dissapointing. The whole site is kept in an unpleasant shade of green, the pages are messy, and navigation confusing. A new user doesn't really know where to start exploring. The site's design seems much too old fashioned to be attractive for users who had some experience with sites that are both beautiful and effective.


Rating 3.3

The site is based on a nice idea for artistic souls, but the execution is dissapointing. Maybe it used to be a great site when it started in 2007, but since then, the social media have develop so much, that Elfwood seems boring and outdated. It might be a great place for users who already have their friends and galleries there, but a new user would most likely choose a different site.