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NeighborTree Free neighborhood website community
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NeighborTree is a virtual place for real life neighbors. Of course, people who live in the same district meet on other social networking platforms as well, but usually they discuss other topics. This site may help them organize the life of their neighborhood community, talk about problems and schedule events - all in a safe and secure environment.



Rating 6.0

This site is supposed to be a detailed platform for members of neighborhood communities, where they can store all sorts of information connected to the place they live along with experiencing various social networking activities. The site puts a lot of emphasis on privacy and security - neighbors can have their own private matters which should not be disclosed to strangers, for example, plans for meetings, or 'area sex offender' information.


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New users can either create their own community, or join the existing one if there is one already. Because of security reasons, each new user has to enter the address and zip code, and use real information. The site focuses on creating communities of real neighbors, and not people who just pretend to live in that neighborhood.
Each community has its own gallery, where people can document the development of the district, and a calendar, for organizing interesting events, as well as news and announcements. There people can post information about meetings, building plans, missing puppies etc.
Users can also exchange private messages. Although submitting real information is required upon registering, some users can choose to hide their information and appear anonymous.


Rating 5.0

The site is brand new and not yet finished, with some empty spaces where information about the site should be. The forums and profiles are customizable in a limited way, depending on the size and character of the neighborhood. In general, the site is designed in a rather safe and traditional way, with gentle colors and elegant fonts.


Rating 6.0

This site explores one of the few social networking niches which have not been thoroughly covered so far. There aren't many sites especially for neighbors, so this one can be a good one for people who want to organize their local life. After all, neighborhoods are one of the most important real life communities we are in. Unlike friends from school, or people with the same interests, neighbors are the people we meet every day, who share the problems and the good things regarding the place we live in, and who sometimes make our lives difficult.
Unfortunately for non American users, the service is available only in the USA so far.