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Added 27/07/2010
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CouplesSpark is another site which uses the idea of crowd sourcing - looking for solutions to problems in opinions of many people, and finding them in the combine knowledge of members of the 'crowd'. In this case, the topic are problems or 'sparks' that cause tension between people who are in a relationship.



Rating 7.0

There are many sites, and forums which allow people to complain about their relationship problems, get advice, or just the sympathy of others. Usually they just show one side of the conflict, and that's where CouplesSpark is different. Here, both people who are in the relationship have a chance to explain their views and the way they see the problem, which gives other users a more balanced view.


Rating 6.0

The site is simple - users describe their problem, which later appears in 2 boxes, each for one person. Users can read the entry and vote on the person they support, by pressing an appropriate button. Users can also add a more elaborate comment, explaining what they think about the situation and what the solution might be. Active users get points and titles, but they are not connected to any badges, or real rewards, so the users are not motivated to post anything just to compete with others.


Rating 6.0

The site is pretty, uncomplicated and not confusing in any way. It's easy to upload the story, post comments, and browse through the updates. The site as also connected to Facebook and Twitter, so users can post the same information on several sites at once.


Rating 6.3

CouplesSpark is an interesting place for people who want to solve their problem, or get an opinion from someone who can look at it objectively. It can also be a source of knowledge about the kinds of problems modern relationships have and the possible solutions. It's not just a site for complaining, like but rather a place where people seek, and sometimes find, reasonable advice. Another interesting thing is that usually the entries involve both people, which is a step for them to face the conflict and find a solution.