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Added 30/06/2010
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The name of this site is most probably related to 'trainspotting' - that eccentric and not really useful activity of sitting near railway tracks to watch trains. In case of food, however, spotting can be really useful for people who prefer to see what the dish can actually look like, than rely on a mysterious menu description.



Rating 6.0

The idea for the site popped into ms Alexa Andrzejewski's mind in a dream. When she woke up, she drew the concept, and a year later, launched the ready site. The point of the site is, that we often want to order food, but have no idea what to expect. Unfortunately, our hopes are often more tempting than the actual dish. With a site like Foodspotting, people can see the pictures of food before they order, and decide which dishes look interesting enough to try out.


Rating 8.0

The site is simple - users upload or email photos with a brief description and information about the place they ordered it, later other users see the picture and rate it with 'want it' - if it looks tasty, or 'nom it' - if they had it already. The more noms and wants, the more activity points for the author, and probably more fame for the restaurant owner.
The dishes are divided into categories, so it's possible to brows through all the 'buns' and 'breakfasts' in the morning, or 'soups' and 'dinners' later.
It's also possible to search the dishes by locations, which makes sense when you really want to go to a nearby restaurant to eat something, and not just admire tasty pictures.
There is a Twitter like 'follow' feature, and the possibility to upload content using iPhone.
Another interesting thing is that the site is only for 'the food we love'. That's why there are only positive ratings. Unlike many internet places which concentrate only on complaining, this one wants to send out positive message, and award those who create and popularize delicious food.


Rating 8.0

The site is lovely - not only the pictures raise it's appeal, but the whole design goes perfectly well with the idea. The background has a wooden pattern, we can associate with a dining table. The site is decorated with small illustrations of happy food, which enhance the positive atmosphere of the site.


Rating 7.3

Foodspotting is a really lovely place, for those who enjoy good food and want to share their discoveries with others. Users activity can also move to the real world - those who want to meet, eat together and take photos can do this during 'Eat-outs', events organized in cities with Foodspotting community.