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FriendFit Your Fitness. Now Social.
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Keeping fit despite fattening food and inactive lifestyle is one of the biggest obsessions of the modern world. The media offer us ways to deal with unwanted fat rolls, ranging from reasonable to completely insane. And still, the only way to really keep fit and attractive is to stick to a good exercise routine and always have the motivation.



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This site is inspired by the fact that people enjoy exercises the most when they can share them and maybe compete a bit with others, preferably friends. If we are left on our own with the exercise routine, we usually start postponing, making excuses, without even feeling guilty, because there are no witnesses. Publishing the plans has some motivating effects, and was used on many 'self-help' sites, but if there's nobody to check the progress, plans can remain unfulfilled. FriendFit is trying to solve all those problems by getting people not only to discuss their ideas and routines online, but what's far more important, helping them to meet in real world, and train together.


Rating 7.0

After inviting some friends, a user can organize a sports meeting, by submitting the location, date and choosing one of the given activities - swimming, jogging, cycling etc. In case of group marathons, the organizer can mark the route on FriendFit's map, which will be visible to all participants. Later, after submitting an activity, each user can add the number of miles they run, or hours they swam or trained, and show off their diligence to other users. The most active appear on the leader board, which is another motivation tool.
FriendFit has user profiles of course, where the users can submit their basic information, links, pictures, and of course, statistics. Thanks to the routes browser, users can find jogging places, or events located near by, and decide to visit them in the real world. If used actively, this site could really help people create sports based friendships in their locations, and spend healthy time together.
Fans of the site can purchase t-shirts with their favorite sport icon and declaration such as 'I run' or 'I bike'.


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Because the site is mostly concentrated on sports, the most space is taken by the users statistics, maps of jogging routes, and sport categories. All of the sport related icons are clear and pretty, and it's easy to browse and use the site, as well as upload personal information and pictures.


Rating 6.0

FriendFit is one of those sites which encourage people to go out and spend some time in an active way, instead of trying to get them to sit in from of the screen for hours. As a fitness motivation tool it might be efficient, thanks to combining the sports routine organizer with social features and elements of competition.