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Tripping where travelers meet locals
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Hundreds of sites for travelers exist already, mostly because there's a great demand for information and organization tools for all those who enjoy traveling. Some of them just want to exchange information and read about the best holiday resorts, and plane ticket bargains, while others desire a full, cultural experience. Tripping might be the choice for the second group.



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The creators of Tripping believe that the members of the site 'who genuinely care about making the world a better place' and want to do 'good things'. This lovely, but maybe overly optimistic approach is not common in the internet world, and it's very impressive that the Tripping team decided to create their site on that basis.
The plan is that the users can get in touch using the site, and not only discuss their travel experience, but also make real life appointments. They can either meet and have lunch if they live near by, or decide that one person will become the host and invite the traveling user to their house.


Rating 6.0

At first, new users create profiles consisting of their basic information, pictures and some thoughts about their attitude towards travels. They can also set their 'host availability' to show other users whether they would like to welcome them in their house. The hosts also submit details about their home - if it's a house or a flat, near the city centre, or in the village etc. If another user decides to visit the host, they agree on a date which is later set in both users' calendars.
After the visit, both users can write comments or recommendations and rate each other.


Rating 6.0

The site is designed in a rather traditional, but very pleasant way, with clear colors, cute icons and practical layout. Searching for information is fast and easy, and profiles look very good, with all the important information set in intuitive places.


Rating 6.7

This site, and even it's name give off a hippy vibration. The creators and the users believe that its nice and safe to meet strangers, visit them or invite to their house to share stories and 'improve their karma'. This sounds really lovely, but isn't it a bit idealistic? What about safety and caution, and keeping the private information to oneself? Trippers don't post their addresses, but have to exchange private information to meet.
The site itself doesn't guarantee the safety of hosts and trippers - the only way to check if someone is reliable would be to check their previous comments, and so far few users have any. So, the site will work perfectly only if joined by idealistic and good hearted people.