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Added 15/06/2009
Official_review Trupki Created by Kasia Zielińska
Brain Arena 9 out of 10 genius recommend us!
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Brain Arena is an internet community where games play the most important role. The motto of the site is "9 out of 10 genius recommend us" which is quite ironic in itself - why won't those geniuses check the grammar of this site and report mistakes? 



Rating 3.0

<p>Brain Arena is filled with games, which are supposed to help a tired professional's brain relax and develop at the same time. The community factor allows gamers compete, earn points and ranks, and strive to become number 1 in the ranking. </p>


Rating 1.0

<p>The first thing a new user will notice is the fact that we can either create a new account, or connect Brain Arena site with Facebook, and allow the exchange of information between BA and our Facebook profile. This could make users who are tired with creating new accounts happy - if only it worked. Unfortunately, all we get is a lengthy error notice, and the login doesn't work. </p>
<p>The main site shows the links to most popular games, along with the rankings of players divided into 3 categories: Daily League, Brain Arena Ranking, and Most Richest (which made me wonder again, where the geniuses where while the site was being created). </p>
<p>The games are mostly about choosing the biggest number, memorizing a sequence of objects, or their position on the board. Unfortunately, no instructions are available, other than one video file which doesn't really explain what the game is about. In case of the "remember fruits game" the rules are very clear, but I really have no idea how to play the "kamikaze banana" game, and I'm not willing to figure the rules out by trial and error. </p>
<p>There are only 10 games so far, probably more will be added as the site develops, but I honestly can't find any activities that a true genius would enjoy, or anything that would help someone become a genius. The games are more about perception and the ability to move the mouse really fast, than about intelligence. </p>
<p>The site could be enjoyable, of course, if only there were more games and clear instructions. </p>


Rating 1.0

<p>The site is divided into blocks, arranged in the simplest, possible way (users pictures on the left, games and rankings in the middle, ads on the right and a banner on the top). There are no traces of graphics whatsoever, which makes the site completely unattractive, and shows that the creators did not put any effort into trying to make the sites appearance pleasant for the user. </p>
<p>Mistakes in the translation from Spanish, or phrases that did not get translated are almost everywhere. </p>


Rating 1.7

<p>This site can be a nice distraction for someone who is bored during a coffee break, but it has nothing to do with genius, and getting to the top place in the ranking by playing 10 games over and over again doesn't seem to be an interesting idea. There are many sites that offer more games and activities, better layout and more intelligent fun than Brain Arena.</p>