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SircleIt, a brand new site created in Israel, is a part of the new wave of social networking sites - based on asking and answering questions. There are dozens of similar sites already, such as Aardvark, Anonymous You or Quizy Me, but SircleIt is worth mentioning, because of its design, and functionality.



Rating 8.0

The idea for this site appeared when Zeevi Michel, the founder, was analyzing his thoughts. He realized, that his mind is filled with dilemmas, and that he usually shares them with family or friends, who help him figure things out. Why not create a whole platform for this kind of support, then?


Rating 6.0

A brand new user can connect the SircleIt account with Facebook, invite friends, and create a list of his or her skills, to help the site determine which questions will be relevant for the user. The creators claim, that the site uses Social Graphs system, which will collect information about the user and later adjust the content to his or her needs. Questions are placed in categories, such as 'Education & Reference', 'Social Media', 'Technology' etc, so a user who marked his skills in these categories, will not see questions related to 'Music' or 'Entertainment' on the main page.
The questions can be then posted on Facebook and Twitter profiles.


Rating 5.0

The site looks reasonably well, but not stunning. The letters and fonts might be too small for some readers, and the layout of the profile with one long column of questions and answers in the middle is not very pleasing. Unfortunately, it's not possible, so far, to browse the entries through categories, for example, have all the 'music' questions on one page. The promotional video, however is really lovely, so maybe the site designers will use some of the designs and ideas which appeared in the video.


Rating 6.3

SircleIt seems to be an interesting and promising site, and will probably keep developing. The idea of finding answers to important questions on the internet is not at all new - people do it on each forum, but maybe the social graph will help the questions find their way to those people which can answer them in a most useful way.