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Added 12/04/2010
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BakeSpace Come for the food. Stay for the conversation
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Food & Drink Friendship


BakeSpace was the first of those cozy internet places that concentrate around familiar and warm topics such as food, family life and friendship. At the first glance, BakeSpace is a recipe swapping site, but when you look closer, you will see a lot of friendly activity among the users.



Rating 9.0

The idea for this site was conceived in the mind of Babette Pepaj, who loves baking cakes and socializing. She also appreciated the meaning of gathering around the table, exchanging recipes, and chatting over a plate of delicious cookies.
This site successfully combines online activities such as discussions, searching for and uploading recipes with real life cooking, baking and taking photos of the tasty results.


Rating 8.0

The new user is welcomed to the site by photos of healthy looking ladies and plates of delicious snacks, and then heads to 'My kitchen' instead of 'My profile'. The kitchen has the same purpose, showing the latest friends' activities, featured recipes, and the users uploads. A user can subscribe to a favorite friend's recipe feeds, to have all the latest updates. There is also an inbox function, but no instant messenger.
Adding new recipes is really easy, the editor is divided into boxes for the parts of the recipe, such as the ingredients, the procedure, and the story connected to that particular dish. Users can add photos and videos, and by clicking in the boxes with food categories, they automatically place the recipe in the appropriate catalog.

There are also forums with dozens of topics, and users blogs, filled with food related stories.


Rating 9.0

The site looks as tasty as it should, with gentle colors, pretty icons and lots of lovely pictures of food arranged across the site. A comprehensive search allows searching by type, ingredients, taste, type of cuisine, and other factors, which makes finding the appropriate recipe quite easy.


Rating 8.7

BakeSpace is a perfect place for those who love exchanging recipes, cooking and talking about food. People with other interests, however, will not find much to do there. As opposed to many social networking services which try to cover many topics and include many functionalities, BakeSpace remains faithful to the simple formula based on exchanging recipes and discussing them.