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Added 25/03/2010
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Lunchwalla follows the trend of arranging real life meetings with the use of social networking sites. This site is oriented at helping people go out and have a tasty lunch or dinner together, which can be really tempting for both individual users who want to see their friends, and corporate users who organize business meetings.



Rating 6.0

The idea appeared when the group of site creators became tired with arranging meetings with the use of more traditional methods - emails, phones and text messages, and dealing with changing plans, notifying everyone separately, and choosing places not everyone liked.
Lunchwalla is not only an organizer, but also a growing database of restaurants, bars and other venues.


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A new user can add all his contact details and join Lunchwalla with his email accounts, profiles, etc, to have access to a large number of possible lunch partners. Then, the user can check out if there are any interesting food places near by and read their reviews submitted by other users. The user chooses the venue, or a couple of options, and informs friends about the invitation. They all receive the same information - time of the event, place, with a map, and number of quests. Then they can use the site to agree on one place, or inform the organizer whether they will arrive or not. After the dinner is over, users can write their own opinions about the place and the food.
The site can be connected to Facebook, so the registration procedure is not necessary for those who have Facebook accounts.
Users receive badges for activity, much like in similar services (Foursquare or Akoha).


Rating 5.0

The site is pretty, designed in colors which are often associated with food and good appetite - red and orange. Maps are clear, icons and thumbnails nicely designed. All of the steps of organizing events are described in detail, so there's no way to get lost or confused.


Rating 6.0

Lunchwalla might be a really useful site for those who often organize events, and don't want to spend a lot of time on the phone, arranging details with each guest separately. In some ways, it's similar to Facebook's even notification, but it contains the database and opinions about restaurants, which is definitely a good thing, for someone who wants to find the perfect spot.