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Added 18/02/2010
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Hollrr Shout about the things you love
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Hollrr is a new social networking system, that is designed to let people 'holler' about products they found particularly interesting. The site spreads their messages along other places, such as Facebook or Twitter, so all the friends and followers know what the users like, and can buy or use it too.



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Advertisers know well, that the power of gossip and friend's recommendation is much stronger than the power of a regular, promotional ad. And nowadays, the Internet, with it's rapid transfer of information, and elaborate connections between people is the best medium for promotion. So, it's only reasonable to put those things together, and enjoy a new way of advertising products, especially those who don't get too much public attention, because are created by small, 'underdog' companies, and not huge and powerful corporations.


Rating 6.0

Hollrr is connected to Facebook and Twitter, so a user can use the 'Hollrr button'
add a link to a chosen product and a short description, and then the message will appear in the newsfeeds of friends or followers.

The site uses the badge system introduced by Foursquare, but does not automatically award users for each sign of activity, but for those messages that others consider useful. So, spamming with links won't be an effective way to get awards, while sharing useful information will.

Fans of a particular brand or product get organized in 'tribes', and those who post the most useful messages with the brand's hashtag can become the 'tag chiefs'.
Brands, or products receive their own pages, where users can post comments, either positive or negative.


Rating 6.0

The site's design is clearly inspired by Twitter. There is the same distribution of elements: the main column in the middle, contacts on the right, and menu at the top. Twitter users will immediately feel at home here, and have no problems with exploring. The colors, however, are a bit more juicy, contrasting and pleasant to look at.


Rating 6.3

The site is simple, but based on a powerful idea of sharing product information among friends. It could be a goot promotional tool for small companies with interesting products, who can't afford a professional advertising campaign.