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There are many language learning sites, but few have such a developed learning and exercise system as SpanishDict. This site combines the features of a dictionary and a language database, with effective exercises, and social networking features.



Rating 8.0

There are hundreds of English learning services, but fever deal with other languages. SpanishDict is filling this niche with a Spanish course, that deals with vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and also cultural aspects of the language. It also brings people together bu allowing them to ask and answer questions, visit each others profiles and compare results.


Rating 9.0

The first thing a new user will notice is the clear and intelligent organization of lesson units. Each starts with a video of the lovely online teacher Paralee, who explains all the basic points of the lesson and demonstrates the pronunciation. Then, the user can explore the subject further, by doing multiple choice exercises with pictures and sound, writing and recognizing flashcards. This way, the user can memorize the sound, meaning and spelling of a new word at the same time.

The user gains points for completing each part of the lesson, and can compare with other users, or try to get onto the leader board. Each completed lesson is marked, so the user can move to the next one. There are also many additional exercises.

Users who want to be more active can also create their own flashcard sets, help others on forums, write texts, etc, and gain reputation points and badges.

Overall, this site is a really effective tool for someone who wants to revise or study Spanish.


Rating 9.0

SpanishDict is lovely to look at. All the parts of content are organized in an intuitive way, the pictures and flashcards are obvious and pretty. The site uses strong colors, that highlight the important information, without overwhelming the user.


Rating 8.7

SpanishDict is a really effective and pleasant site to help with language learning. What makes it different from most sites that aspire to teach, is that here you can practice all language skills, and not just reading and doing grammar exercises.