43 things you want to do in life
Added 29/01/2010
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43Things What do you want to do with your life?
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43Things is one of the sites which were created in order to help people with fulfilling their dreams and resolutions, keeping promises, and remembering their plans. It's based on the idea, that once you publish your idea, get feedback and encouragement, you'll be more motivated do do something about it.



Rating 7.0

We all have more plans and ideas that disappear, than the ones we fulfill. Sometimes we simply forget about them, sometimes we postpone them forever. Some people find it really helpful to write down lists of their plans. The creators of 43Things used that idea to design their site.

The users' activities are based around describing their plans and dreams, encouraging other users to take action, and finding people who share the same interests. But basically, this site is not about having people glued to the screen, but to make them do things they planned to do.


Rating 6.0

The first page welcomes users with a fast changing list of new ideas and resolutions. It's quite an inspiring idea, because the users can immediately see what is popular at the moment, and what plans other people have.

The first thing a new user is supposed to do is to fill in a box with his answer to 'what do you want to do with your life' question. That is not a thing we think about every day, so that's a really good point for this site to inspire such reflection.

Once you write about your plan, the system will inform you how many people share that idea, and give links to profiles of people who have already done it, so you can read their stories, ask questions and get in touch.

Each person can create a site for the idea, add a personal story, links to resources, lessons and tips, and other information which can help other users. Others can vote on the site if they find it helpful.

While browsing other users' profiles, we can evaluate their ideas and choose whether this is worth doing or not. Users who chose 'I've done it' button can also describe their experience, and the duration of that activity.

Basically, users create a detailed database of various activities, advice, tutorial and statistics.

There are also social networking features such as watching updates to someone's profile, commenting and messaging.


Rating 7.0

43Things are really well when it comes to jumping between different links, profiles and sites. The site is fast and clear with bright colorful sections, when things need to be highlighted, and calm sections with text and content. Uploading images and links is easy, and all the content is automatically arranged in a nicely looking way.


Rating 6.7

43Things is one of the sites that are not there just for wasting time, but can help and support the users in making changes in their lives. It facilitates the contact between people with similar interests, who are often scattered around the world, and helps them to find support, share experiences, and encourage each other to do things they dream about doing.