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Added 15/06/2009
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Digital Publishing


Issuu (pronounced like "issue") is an internet place which allows you to publish all kinds of documents - portfolios, catalogues, magazines and gives them a pleasant form, that can be later used on other sites.



Rating 10

<p>The site was created to give the users the opportunity to create "beautiful online presentations" of their work and to help them spread their message across the globe. This sounds like a noble cause, especially when all the site is free to use.</p>


Rating 9.0

<p>Users, who registered their profiles, can upload their files in PDF and see them transform into lifelike, online books. Later, the viewers can browse through the presentation page by page, or choose the particular page they want to see from a set of thumbnails. They can also rate, comment, or flag the content, and what is probably the most interesting feature - they can embed the content into other sites.</p>
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<p>Of course, to publish a file, one must have the copyrights to it, unless he wants to get sued by the real author of the content. There's, of course, a hint of the competition spirit, because the most popular, the most discussed presentation appear in the ranking on the front page, so they get promoted better.</p>
<p>The technology used on this site is really impressive. The graphics look very clear, they load quickly and are very enjoyable to look at, can be zoomed, or viewed in fullscreen. The site is also a platform for discussion, because each user can create his own discussion group and invite other users to participate.</p>


Rating 10

<p>The creators say that they "strive for excellence" and that approach is clearly visible in the way the site looks and is organized. It is very attractive, clear and professional, and is a perfect frame for the content.</p>


Rating 9.7

<p>This site is impressive, and useful, for all those who want to promote their work in a professional and enjoyable way, and those who just want to explore the recent trends in art, or read magazines they can't get in their paper form.</p>