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Authonomy is one of those communities that facilitate creation and development of talents. It was set up by HarperCollins, a publishing company owned by News Corp, and those users who decide to publish their works, have a big chance of getting in touch with the publisher.



Rating 7.0

The idea behind the site is simple - find talents and help them with getting their work published in paper form. It might be really beneficial for both the publishing house (which gains access to a big pool of talented people, without having to wait for them) and the writers - who get a chance to show their work, receive feedback, and find inspiration.


Rating 7.0

Users of this site can have multiple functions. They can act as
- writers - uploading their books, stories, or book chapters and waiting for feedback
- talent spotters - people who read entries, provide feedback and comments
- readers - those who simply enjoy reading books
- friends - people who are looking for friends with similar tastes and explore the social side of the community.

It seems like there is quite a lot to do for each group.

Uploading a book is easy, there is a special editor for that, which enables users to get their work in a pleasant form, divide it into chapters, choose a cover and create an online version of their work.
Users who are curious about the way an unfinished book will develop, can add it to their 'watchlist' and be notified each time new chapters appear.

Unfortunately, the site accepts only written files, so it's impossible to create an illustrated book.

Once a week one book is chosen for evaluation at 'Editors' Desk', and if employers of the publishing house decide it's good enough, it gets published.

Those authors who don't get chosen, can still find a way to publish their books with the help of, who helps with self publishing and selling books via Amazon.

Authonomy also has a Tips section with articles written by professional authors, who want to help less experienced collegues.


Rating 7.0

Authonomy is designed in a professional and esthetic way. Of course, because of its topic, it contains a lot of texts, and the main users activiti is reading. Unlike regular news sites and portals, which are filled with pictures, videos, and other elements of graphics, the reading passages here consist of text only.

This would be a bit tiresome for some users, but the site has a nice option for changing the font size and colours, so readers can adjust them to their tastes.


Rating 7.0

This site is a really functional bridge between writers, readers and publishers. It can solve the problem shared by most young writers, about what to do with the work next? Many writers are a bit shy and insecure about the value of their work, and they have no way to receive constructive feedback. Here, they can not only get in touch with professionals, but also find friends, and what's most important, get on the path for fulfilling their dream to get their work in real, paper form.