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Added 20/01/2010
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FMyLife started as one of those bright, but not exactly original ideas, and moved on to become one of the memes everyone knows about. This site is a phenomenon, because it shows, that sometime people don't want to boast about their successes, but prefer to share their most pathetic moments.



Rating 7.0

We all experience awful days from time to time, or get into really embarassing situations. Some are so bad, that it's simply impossible to confide in a friend. In the old days, people could dig a hole in the ground and shout their secrets into it, nowadays, we can throw them into the bottomless well of the Internet.


Rating 7.0

The site is really simple. People either log in, or use it anonymously and submit their accounts of misfortune. All start with 'Today', depending on the language version, and end with FML.

So, the page is filled with short sentences and comments, a couple of advertisments, and that's it. This form, however modest, suits the subject really well. A site like that doesn't need a dozen of additional features.

A recent development is the section with 'the Illustrated FMLs', where various artists submit their own versions of described situations.

Entries can be read in order of submission, or in topic-related groups, or depending on the location of the author.

The site is easy to navigate and browse, and unlike many other popular services, it's so simple, that there's absolutely no way to get lost or confused.

There is a trace of social functionalities, but they are not as developed than on strictly networking sites. here, users can send private messages, create detailed profiles with pictures and rate each other's profiles. There's a special page 'fmyrating' where people rant about the points they received.


Rating 5.0

The site is created in a very simple and clear way. We have the title, thematic categories in the right column, and small text boxes on pleasant blue background.

The 'Illustrated FMLs' page features some user created artwork, posted in a similar way to the written ones.

FML proves that a site does not have to be filled with all kinds of gadgets and applications to become popular. Here people are drawn to the site because of the content.


Rating 6.3

FML is a strange site, which evokes all kinds of emotions - from satisfaction (oh, my life is so much better), through disgust to genuine sympathy. It's on the border between entertainment and therapy, gives the users the possibility to reveal the most embarassing secrets, without any real consequences. They can even get messages full of sympathy and feel better.