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Added 12/01/2010
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TagWorld is an online community, where users can organise their favourite links and internet content with tags. Tags have already been used on many other sites, but as an additional feature, and here, the site is built around them.



Rating 6.0

TagWorld combines many features which are usually scattered among a number of sites. For example, users can create photo galleries, like on Flickr, add music files, like on MySpace, write blogs, similarly to many blogging platforms, and also organise favourite links, like on There are also social networking features, of course.


Rating 8.0

Registration on this site is fast and easy, you don't even have to wait for a confirmation email to show up. As soon as you submit your information, you can start evolving your personal site by adding photos, videos and links, and writing a blog.

An interesting feature of the site is that you can add a tag to any content you submit, and that it will then be connected to all other pieces of content with the same tag.

Adding photos and videos is very fast and easy, so the user can create a pretty and functional gallery in just a couple of minutes. Pictures can have short descriptions, and can be commented, flagged, added to favourites and get a 'thumbs up' vote.

The site's privacy option allow the users to decide whether the profile content is visible to all visitors or just friends.

The most interesting, or most highly rated content appears on the main page in the 'todays top' categories, so the users can have immediate access to the newest videos, blog entries, and discussions.

Unfortunately, TagWorld seems to have a spam problem. Many comments on the popular users' profiles, are not in any way relevant to the subject, but are advertisments of sites, or simply spam messages.


Rating 6.0

The site is designed in a modern and pleasing way. The colours are not very flashy, the site is kept in a rather traditional blue, which is easy on the eyes. Icons and site divisions are clear and obvious.

The only problem the user might have, is that some larger files can stretch the site beyond the screen's borders, which doesn't look well. The photos, however, fit the designated spaces nicely, and create a well looking gallery


Rating 6.7

TagWorld combines the most popular features of social networking sites, which is useful. Users who want to have all (gallery, videos, blog and friends' connections) in one, can be really happy with this site.

There is something missing, however. Many users, as seen on Facebook, enjoy joining groups, clubs, tribes, to show their tastes and affiliations. TagWorld has 'communities' and 'groups' but well hidden. You can access group sites only through the profiles of other users, because there's no list of them, and no browser. This makes it very difficult to find people with similar tastes, or fans of the same band.

TagWorld can be a great place to store your photos and videos, but finding interesting content, or creating relationships with other users can be more difficult than on other social networking sites. Here, there are few applications and activities which help develop friendships, and many personal messages get lost among the spam.