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Added 30/11/2009
Official_review Trupki Created by Kasia ZieliƄska Share your online purchases.
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Introduction: is a brand new startup with Twitter-like features, which is devoted entirely to boasting about the users' latest shopping trophies, discussing bargains, sales, best and worst shop in the neighbourhood.



Rating 5.0

This site aims at becoming a sort of a shopping guide, allowing the users to gather in similar tastes groups and give each other advice about the best places to buy the best things. It promises the users the possibility of becoming a trendsetter, by showing the latest purchases. This basically is a networking site for passionate shoppers and probably a dream place for secret advertisers.


Rating 4.0

The site is simple - the user writes a status, much like on Twitter, and adds photos of the purchased object, and the location of the shop. Users can follow other shoppers, or be followed by them, create the lists of their favourite things and shops. This may result with either starting a new trend, and having all the followers buying the same, or getting them to to the exact opposite, if they want to stay original and not copy someone else's ideas.

There's also a functionality i haven't seen in many places - the compare box. A user can add links to two objects which are in an online shop, and publish a new update asking for advice. Soon, the user should have a bunch of people helping him or her choose between those things.

The site also comes with a phone application, which enables people to update their profiles or receive updates even while they're shopping. can be connected to Facebook and Twitter.


Rating 1.0

The layout of the site is simple too and not very adventurous. There are boxes to fill in, a piece of a google map and a bunch of links. The only pieces of graphics are the users avatars, and the photos of their purchases, which makes the site plain and not attractive to look at.

Also, some of the fonts used on the site seem to be a bit too thick and blurry. The colours are rather cold and greyish. Overall, i think the site could have been designed in a much more appealing way.


Rating 3.3

This site could be useful for the people who really have a lot of passion for shopping, and want to find the best bargains and get in touch with people who share their obsession. Those who just shop out of necessity, will not have much to look for.

Also, this site has a couple of dangers, the users might not be aware of. If someone posts his or her photo, and then announces they just bought a really expensive watch, or pair of designer sneakers, and mark the location of the shop on the map, that makes a wonderful opportunity for a nearby robber.

Usually, we don't share details about our wealth on internet sites, but this site actually encourages the users to talk about what they have and how much it's worth. Combined with posting some personal details and marking the location - this could be dangerous.