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WeeWorld is an addictive site filled with games, and fun activities. It's designed for teens, so the site's appearance, and content is mostly cartoon-like and cute.



Rating 5.0

The purpose of the site is 'to give teens a save environment to express themselves'. Another one is, of course, to earn money, and the WeeWorld team seems to be succesful at that. Young users, even in the times of financial crysis, keep buying virtual gadgets, clothes and furniture for their cute avatars.
Apart from givint the users a lot of fun activities, the WeeWorld creators also try to introduce the users to some more serious subjects, such as voting, environment care or health.


Rating 8.0

New users start with creating an avatar, a small cartoon figure with customizable features, that will represent them. Unlike the avatars of SecondLife, or MissBimbo, the WeeMees are plump and devoid of any naughtiness, so they don't raise much controversy. Once completed, the avatar can move into a nice little room, which can also be customized and furnished by the user.
Then, the user, depending on his or her tastes, can move on to playing games, inviting friends, or discussing various topics on the forum (which is at the moment plagued by Twilight-related news).
Each activity is connected with getting points, trophies, and generally improving the account, which gives the site addictive qualities. The level and achievements system is well designed, and the users can get rewards for different types of activities - for getting in touch with other users, playing games, or taking part in discussions, so both the quiet room designer, and the talkative, person with a lot of friends, can earn rewards.

The site is supposed to be a 'safe environment', but is not as guarded as the younger kids sites. At WeeWorld, obcenities will be blocked, and inappropriate content removed, but parents dont have access to the kids accounts to supervise them. This site is like a bridge between completely safe children's sites, and adult portals, and i think it can be a good place for the young people to learn the rules of internet behaviour.


Rating 9.0

The site is for young people mostly, so its filled with colourful stuff, but surprisingly, it's not messy at all. Even the games page, which is usually the weak and scary point of many sites, seems to be well organised and clear. It's easy to go from one activity to another and see the collected points. The echievement sector is also very clear, showing the achievements the person has already gained, and the requirements for the rest.


Rating 7.3

I think that WeeWorld is a nice and entertaining site for teenagers. It gives them some opportunity to express themselves and create their own internet spot, and introduces to the internet ways in a safe manner.
If i was the parent of a WeeWorld user, however, I would not be very enthusiastic about the possibility of buying Wee Gold with real dollars.