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Added 02/11/2009
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Vox was created by Six Apart, who were already famous for their first blogging platform Live Journal. It is also mainly designed for blog creation, but has a series of additional functionalities, that make it something more than just a place you can publish your thoughts in.



Rating 7.0

There are dozens of blogging platforms already, so why create another one? It seems like the Six Apart team knew very well what problems bloggers face, and what bugs and design mistakes ruin the experience of posting texts. They've also realised the importance of customizing, adding media and adjusting security settings, and wanted to create a really user-friendly and enjoyable platform.


Rating 9.0

Vox style blogging is not only about uploading pieces of text, but also adding media, music and graphic files to create a full, elaborate and interesting post. The site is well integrated with the most popular media storage sites, such as Flickr, Photobucket, of YouTube, so adding media is reall fast and easy.

Another interesting thing, which many platforms are missing, is the detailed privacy settings. Usually, you can make the whole blog public, or private. Some platforms allow the users to restrict the access to some posts, or the archive. Here, the user has the possibility to decide on the level of privacy of each posted message and file.

Vox offers the users a growing number of easy to use templates and banners, allowing them to change the appearance of the blog, without any complicated steps. The user can decide on the content of the page, adding or removing the links, books, archive and other sections, or changing their locations. This helps the users to create personalised layouts easily.

The posts can be added to one of the defined categories, such as 'entertainment', 'news and politics' and 'culture'. As in other blogging platforms, there'a a possibility of adding links to the blogs the user enjoys reading, and staying in touch with friends.


Rating 8.0

The site is really well designed, clear to use, and even the sites that are organised by the users do not look cluttered or messy. Actually, it would take a lot of effort to create an ugly and unreadable site using the tools provided by Vox. Adding photos, arranging their positions in the post and adding tags to them is also fast and easy. Vox even helps those users who forget to add the post title, by showing a box with a couple of optional titles.


Rating 8.0

Vox is a really well designed and professional blogging platform. It's a great place for business, family or creafting bloggers, who can not only publish their posts but also create a network of like minded users. Creating posts here is really pleasant and easy, so the user can concentrate on the content, rather than struggling with technical issues. I would recomment Vox to the people who enjoy pleasant layouts, efficient design, and good company.