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Added 15/06/2009
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Everyone, who wants to take advantage of the growing net of social networking services, will at some point feel a bit lost. It's not easy to follow all the profiles, and update them with new information at the same time. This is where a tool like Giza Page comes in handy.



Rating 9.0

<p>The site is a response to the growing number of profiles and personal pages we struggle to deal with nowadays. It's difficult for an individual person to keep all the internet tentacles up to date, but companies, who promote their products over the internet have an even tougher job with that. If a potential client comes up to an old piece of information, they will not think that the company is professional and reliable anymore.</p>


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After we log in, we get to choose the "contact manager", either Plaxo, Gmail, Yahoo etc. Then, the system finds the profiles of the friends we have in the address book, and we can choose the ones we want to add, from the list. We can repeat this step for all Contact Managers, if we use multiple email addresses. The next step is to gather the profiles, from the most important social networking sites, such as Facebook, Flickr, Bebo, and many others. In this way, we can have all the important (the niche networks are not listed so far) profiles "pinned" in one place. Then, you can change the privacy settings, update the information, add new friends, and if they too create their Giza profiles, they will get to see them.


Rating 10

<p>Everything about this site is professional, cool and efficient, so there's no room for flashy graphics. Some of the sites look a bit dull, with gray colours, while some have a pleasant colour setting.</p>


Rating 9.0

<p>This site might become a very useful tool for those people who don't want to stick with Facebook, but want to update and promote their pages to get to the largest amount of recipients. This is also an alternative address book, that allows you to keep all the contacts from many networks, in one.</p>