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Added 23/10/2009
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TravellersPoint is one of those sites that combine networking features with organising real life events. This is not a site for the typical nerds, who spend most of their days glued to the keyboard, but for adventurous people who want to travel and have fun and new experiences.



Rating 7.0

This site is about sharing travel experience and helping each other. It not only supports phot albums and stories about past adventures, but also gives the users tools to plan and execute their future ones. There's an active community of both travellers and volunteers based around TravellersPoint.


Rating 7.0

Users can experience TravellersPoint in a couple of ways. They can use it as a journal of their adventures, writing a blog, posting pictures, and getting comments, or they can actively search for people they've met before, or check out accomodation and travel options. Some users have also become volunteers, who are willing to answer questions about accomodation and travel in their regions.

Apart from the information section, the site also contains a blog part, filled with users' travel stories, and a photo album. The photo galleries are divided according to the country they were taken in, and also marked with tags, which makes searching easy.

User profiles contain links to the galleries and blogs, and also show users' activities in various section.

Another interesting part of the site is collaborative Travel Guide, filled with photos, descriptions and travel tips. The entriesare divided according to the location and topic, and there's of course a keyword search too.


Rating 6.0

TravellersPoint is nicely designed, sections are clearly stated and visible, and the photo gallery allows for a good display of pictures. There isn't any mess or clutter, just pretty, clear pages kept in pleasant pastel colours.


Rating 6.7

This site can be a real help for passionate travellers, and a place for them to share their experience. It's versatile enough to allow for different kinds of using styles, from casual uploading of photos, to contributing to the growing database of information and stories about different parts of the world. It might not be interesting for a regular internet user, but people who love to travel will certainly find something they enjoy.