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Added 18/09/2009
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There is quite a lot of social networking sites for book readers, but fewer for writers, and eNovella, might have a chance to fill this niche.



Rating 8.0

eNovella embraces all those creative writers, who want to publish portions of their work online, and get evaluation, and encouragement from fellow writers. Users can comment the written pieces freely, and if someone gets enough comments to become really popular, he might get the opportunity to publish the book, or poems in paper form, or as an iPhone application, or audiobook.


Rating 4.0

As usual, the life on this site begins with signing up and creating a profile. The profiles aren't detailed, in fact they just contain the name, avatar and links to published works. I think that an optional section about the writer's interests, influences, or plans and ambitions could be useful here.
The published pieces are waiting for comments, and the chances of being published rise with the number of comments. This should help with determining the author who deserves most to get published, or writes "the best" pieces. In reality, however, it turns out that the biggest number of comments appears when the users are quarreling among themselves on topics, which might have nothing to do with the quality of the piece. So, it might happen, that someone, who published a particularly offensive piece, or happened to have a bunch of enemies among the commenting users, wins the "most popular" place and gets published.

I think that a site like this needs a system of evaluation, for example, a number of points in categories appropriate for stories and poems. The creators could find their inspiration in DeviantArt, which has a working system of points, along with a section of "specialist evaluation". Young writers need evaluation and advice not only from their friends, but also from experienced writers.

The site also contains a forum, with places for discussing the writing techniques, inspirations and genres.

The "write" section is really easy to navigate, the user only has to paste the text into a box, choose genre and topic, add title and a cover picture, if there is one. The text then appears on the page in a pretty form.

The "read" part allows for browsing on the basis of genres and topics, or keywords, and also shows the selection of "latest" pieces in different categories, along with the "most recent" and "most popular". I don't really understand the idea of putting the "most recent" category, when all the newly published pieces are visible in their genre categories. Also, the "most popular" section is at the very bottom of the page.


Rating 5.0

eNovella is pleasant to look at, with pastel colours and pretty fonts on every page. Unfortunately, the design doesn't offer anything new or exciting to the visitor. Everything is exactly the way we are used to, with advertisements on the right, main content in the centre, and block with links at the top. Also, the distribution of the content is a bit strange, with blocks of "latest" and "favourite" links showing up on every page.


Rating 5.7

I think that giving aspiring writers a space to publish their work is a lovely idea, but this site might need something more to make it interesting. Social networking functionalities, might be useful, and allow the writers to get to know each other, rating system, to find out which piece is actually the best, and not only "popular", maybe some thematic contests? Modern users are no longer satisfied with just a forum access, they need much more to keep their attention.


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