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Added 20/08/2009
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When Flickr appeared in 2004 as a small chatroom site, with a photo exchange option, few people expected it to become an Internet giant in just a couple of years. The power of
Flickr lays in the fact, that it's not just a gallery, where you can throw random pictures together, and maybe then send links to friends. Flickr is an brilliant photo organizing site, with networking features, which allow users not only to promote their work, but also create groups of like minded people.



Rating 8.0

The original idea behind Flickr was completely different from what it has evolved. It seems like people needed an intelligent photo gallery so much, that they forced the site to transform in this direction. As the team says in the "about" page - once people started taking digital photos, the number of them increased so much, that now its really easy to get lost in them. That's why, a place to get them catalogued is necessary.
One of the main features of the original Flickr was chat - later it got replaced by less direct forms of discussion, comments, private messages and testimonials


Rating 9.0

So, if Flickr is a photo storing site, a new user can start with uploading photos. One of the best features of this site is the Uploadr, which helps to upload the photos, divide them into thematic folders, and put tags on them, so they will be easier to find. The site works well with other programs, such as iPhoto, various plugins, and photos can also be added by email or the upload page, so everyone can choose the method they like best.
For those who are not professional photographers, or don't use Photoshop, Flickr has provided a simple editor, Picnik which allows to crop or retouch the photo, improve the colors, etc.
And after the photos are uploaded, the fun begins. According to the tags the user assigns to them, they can be added to various collections and groups, which range from regular ones (Beautiful Flowers) to absolutely bizarre (Cracked Heel Fetish). The photos create an amazing maze of connections of topics, forms, and ideas, and one can spend hours exploring and jumping from one to another in an never-ending quest.
Another great feature is the possibility of changing photos into prints, like in DeviantArt. Here, people can order books, cards, calendars and lovely "moo cards".


Rating 8.0

The site is really a pleasure to explore. Photos, the most important content, are displayed in a clear and tasteful manner, and browsing the groups and collections is easy. It definately isn't easy to organize millions of photos without making a mess. Here, everyone can find exactly what he's looking for thanks to the tags and collections. Also, the site lets visitors see interesting information about the statistics, new features and the most popular photos.


Rating 8.3

Flickr claims to be the best photo management application in the world, and is probably right. Photos stored them, are not only used to show friends, but are also a base for bloggers, site owners and artists who want to share their work with the world. Using Flickr is easy and efficient, and the crew works hard on constant improvements.