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EHarmony is one of the most famous and reliable dating sites. Based on a scientific approach to calculating peoples' compatibility, it continuosly draws the attention of singles who want to find the right person.



Rating 5.0

EHarmony is the result of over 35 years on marriage consulting. Dr Neil Clark Warren, an esteemed clinical psychologist who worked with couples, started analysing the factors that cause some marriages to be happy and long lasting, and other couples divorce. The effects of his research were later transformed into a series of tests and questionnaires, which help people find those who are the most likely to become 'their other halves'.


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The first thing a new user is supposed to do is to fill in an enormous questionnaire. It includes information about income, professional life, location, appearance, psychological features, tastes and lifestyle. Filling it all up is time and effort consuming, so its enough to discourage any users who are not serious about using the site. The questionnaire is much more detailed than the questionnaires found on other sites, but that is the effect of the 'scientific approach'. The users who will it in an honest way have better chances of getting the right match.
The results of the test appear in 2 base categories, Traits and Attributes, which are divided into more detailed characteristics (cognitive mode, values and beliefs, social style etc). Matches, chosen by the system are delivered every day, and the user can decide whether he wants to get in touch with the selected people, or not.
This site is advertised as a place for serious singles, who really want to create a succesful relationship - that's why it requires membership fees - $40 for a full personality profile, and $239.40 for a yearly subscription.
Another thing which has been considered controversial, is the fact that this site is so 'marriage oriented' that it only accepts single users who are looking for opposite sex matches. There's no room for the growing number of people who are into polyamory, alternative lifestyles, and same sex relationships.

The site also contains forums, articles and advice section, and a number of 'success stories' where former users describe how they managed to start a perfect relationship thanks to eHarmony.


Rating 6.0

The site is very pleasant to look at, designed in safe, but pretty colours, and luckily for an adult and serious user, it doesnt have any heart-shaped gadgets, other dating sites use. It's decorated with photos of happy people, who look more like healthy adults, than supermodels.

The questionnaire however is a bit difficult to fill, because it needs the dots to be placed in appropriate places, which caould be difficult for peopel with weaker eyesight.


Rating 6.3

EHarmony well deserves its position among one of the most famous dating sites. It's professional, reliable and effective. But it seems like its filled with serious single people, who have specified plans and requirements, and want to use the system in the most efficient way possible. Somehow it makes me think about creating relationships as a scientific and definable activity, and it leaves little room for spontaneous romance.