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Added 15/06/2009
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Collecting & Exchange


CollectValue is one of many sites for collectors,  which offers the opportunity to share the pictures of their collections, however bizarre they may be, discuss them, exchange and find bargains. At least, that is what's stated in the main page, but as we explore deeper, it turns out, that showing , advertizing and selling things might not be as easy as we'd expect.



Rating 7.0

<p>Collectors like to meet other collectors, partly because some of their passions can be understood only by people who have similar ones. Usually, a reasonable person who spends money on food, bills and clothes, will consider the idea of buying dozens of little ponies, stamps or broken records to be insane. Another collector, however, will understand, support and admire.</p>


Rating 1.0

<p>The site is designed in a very traditional, almost old school way. We have the top menu, the right column with categories of collectibles, and dozens of thumbnails in the "museum" section. The "museum" is divided into more then 30 categories, which are in turn divided into many subcategories, so the choice is a bit bewildering. As a brand new user, I had no idea where to go, honestly, and felt los in the mess. I'm sure there are better and more user friendly ways to organize the museum of collectable things.</p>
<p>Navigating the site is also a bit troublesome. Once I've created my profile, I couldn't get back to the main page without logging out. The site promises the possibility of putting objects on sale, or exchange, so that other users can see it. It is possible to add an object description to the personal site, but other users will se it only if they decide to loot at our profile, or type the exact name of the object into the browser. Another annoying thing is the fact that the only way to see other users' profiles, is to go through the objects listed in the "museum". There's no such thing as the users catalogue, browser "by location" or "by collection type".</p>

<p>There are supposed to be notices about the upcoming events, but the general calendar is nowhere to be found. There are individual calendars on the users profiles - so if I want to find the gathering of ponies collectors, I'd have to search the museum for pictures of ponies, then access the profile of the owner, and hope that he might have some information about any upcoming events. </p>


Rating 1.0

<p>The layout is plain ugly. Black background, vague thumbnails, unattractive design and boring fonts. This site might have been interesting 7 years ago, but now, compared to what we are used to, it's just bad, and organized in the most inefficient way.</p>


Rating 3.0

<p>Unfortunately, this site is not what it promises to be. I'm sure it can become a nice gallery, for those who want to show their collection, but those who expect better quality, easy navigation and efficient ways of exchanging information, will be bored and frustrated. The site's best point is, that it's a database of all the bizarre things people decide to collect, but it definitely isn't a good example of modern networking site.</p>