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The internet might sometimes appear dominated by teens and people in their early twenties. They are the first generation, who was raised with computers, and learned to type, before they learned to write by hand.
But adult, mature people want to have their share of the web too. And those who feel awkward on teen sites, can join the community of adults.



Rating 4.0

The point of this site is to gather mature people (in their fourties, and older) and give them their own internet space to share and create. But is concentrating on the age really the best way to form a great community?


Rating 3.0

The site works exactly like we would expect from a social networking site - we have user profiles, discussion groups, photo galleries, chat and friends lists. Nothing less and nothing more. Everything seems to work just fine, users get notifications, can browse the site easily, and create new content. But I think I might be missing the point here - if the site was created especially for adult people, and they are the exact target of the creators, the site should contain some features, that would make it attractive for that group of people. But somehow I can't find them. The discussion groups are based around the topics of "sport", "pets" and "arts", which doesn't seem like the best possible set of interests of a 40 year old. It seems like the creators depend on the users to create the right type of content, without much help.


Rating 3.0

The site looks nice enough, but is not amazingly attractive. Some might dislike the color of the banner and the icons, and unfortunately, there's no possibility of changing skins so far. The site does not impress with its looks, but seems to be well organized


Rating 3.3

I think that nowadays, it's not enough to create a decent site, and invite a target group, to get a thriving community. This site aims at being the place for 40 year olds, and yet, doesn't really offer what a group of 40 year olds would need. I would think, that they may not be much interested in profile customization, or sharing YouTube links, but are a demanding group, with lots of life experience. Still, they might be a bit intimidating with starting their own discussion groups or creating content. Creators of such a site should concentrate more on giving the users the opportunity to share their experience, without relying on them to create all the content.