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Added 09/07/2013
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Tutorialized Photoshop tutorials and flash tutorials.
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Introduction: is a user generated site with tutorials (2D and 3D graphics, web design and development, Business applications, Business development, Databases, Desktop programming, Operating system, Video editing and web hosting tutorials). Members of can submit their own tutorials.



Rating 10

Tutorialized is essentially an extensive database of tutorials for graphic designers and developers, giving them tips and instructions on how to use particular programs. It's a great idea because not only does it give the user the option to plough through the plethora of tutorials on offer, they also get to add their own, which is obviously great if they've just, for example, learnt a new technique and want to share it with the world.

At the time of me writing this review, there are over forty thousand tutorials on offer spread through five hundred and seventy two different categories. So as you can imagine, there is a hugely extensive list on offer, which is a very exciting prospect for those interested.


Rating 8.0

There are specific areas one can search from such as '3D Graphics', '2D Graphics' and 'Web Design and Development'. Then within those categories there are more specific areas to search through. So for instance if i wanted to find a tutorial on using animation in Photoshop, I would simply click '2D Graphics', then 'Photoshop', then 'Animation'. Simple!

There is a useful box of user generated stats next to each posting that consist of 'Rating', 'Hits', 'Comments' and 'Votes'. This is great especially as there can often be so many tutorials to pick from regarding specific topics; it can really help to inform ones decision on whether to try it out or not.

So overall, in terms of functionality, the whole user experience is very simple and relatively pain free.


Rating 2.0

Ok, so I'm afraid to say that when it comes to the layout of Tutorialized, I think it's awful. It reminds me of how a lot of sites used to look in the late nineties. I think its quite possible that it was built a long time ago and has just been added to and tweaked over the years. I suppose it shouldn't matter but when I first opened this site, I just wanted to close it again because my eyes started bouncing around the page in a bid to try and find something to focus on in a sea of dull looking text.

My other gripe with the layout is the placement of it's adverts. I understand that companies will be paying for them and want to have them somewhere prominent but there's occasions where they have been plonked right in the middle of a tutorial, which to be honest is really annoying and off-putting.


Rating 6.7

Tutorialized really divides me in opinion. As a designer, I'm always on the lookout for tutorials, so in that respect it's a hands down winner for me. It's extensive lists and forums are a force to be reckoned with as they're highly informative and helpful. However, as vein as it is, the very ugly aesthetics of the site really put me off wanting to use it. I guess it's just the designer in me.

I don't know about the cost implications but I can't help thinking that if the guys at Tutorialized gave the whole site an overall and facelift, it would be a much more desirable site to visit, attracting more traffic. Then again, maybe it's regular users really don't care and are happy with it just the way it is!