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The Dieline Package design blog.
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The Dieline is a website all about package design, with a blog of beautiful packaging and a directory of package designers.



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The Dieline is an amazing site dedicated to the busy world of package design, aimed at the people who practice it, students and anyone who's simply interested in it.

Andrew Gibbs, The Dielines founder and editor in chief, established the site in 2007. As a graduate from the Art Institute of California, he wanted an outlet to promote, review and critique the best package design from all over the world. He's managed to succeed, creating an online community that works in helping the user to keep up to date on all the latest trends and exciting design projects.

Since the sites inception, Gibbs, along with many of the sites other contributors, have gone on to create a number one selling book, a complete package design award and set up two world-class conferences on package design. This gives you some indication to the level of dedication and passion that's gone into creating this extensive and highly informative site.


Rating 9.0

The user experience at The Dieline is very smooth and straight forward. The main menus categories are split up into six self explanatory categories consisting of 'Home', 'Directory', 'About', 'Conference', 'Awards', and 'Jobs'. The homepage lists each new posting in date order and is refreshed daily. This is great and aids in keeping the attention of the user who makes repeat visits. There's nothing more off-putting than re-visiting a site after a few days, only to discover that the content has remained the same since the previous visit.

Each individual posting contains the usual suspects by way of the all important social media links, giving the user the opportunity to share their new found enthusiasm about the specific piece of design with the world.

The posting can be sorted by the following categories: 'Features', 'Industry' and 'Substrate'. Each one contains a drop-down that allows the user to select from a substantial list of topics relating to their heading. This is a great and worthy inclusion to the site as it allows one to have more control over the content they browse. What's more, as they're neatly tucked away, it never detracts from the other postings. Some sites tend to have all their sub categories visible, which can result in making the user feel alienated, due to the sheer overload of text that's prevalent.


Rating 9.0

As I would expect from a design based site, the layout and aesthetics here have been executed to a high and professional standard. The predominantly blue/aqua and white colour scheme looks great and I very much like the inclusion of the simple vector graphics. It all ties together nicely without ever detracting from the all Important postings of products etc. A perfect balance between functional aesthetics and the slick edge that will appease all the design snobs out there.


Rating 9.3

The Dieline is s great site and I'll definitely come back to it for both design inspiration and admiration. Don't just take my word for it, apparently its the most visited package design site in the world with a readership of millions from hundreds of different countries.

There's so many sites out there showcasing design that it can be very hard to know which to revisit and use on a regular basis. I think the beauty of The Dieline is that rather than try and take on giants like Design Week who cover a huge cross section of design, it's homed in on a specific area and allowed this to be their primary focus. This move has paid off because what they've created is a wonderful and detailed site dedicated to the world of package design. Well done guys!