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Added 18/06/2009
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Woices World voices.
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Music / Audio Sharing


Woices is a brand new virtual community based on an unusual idea of sharing audio files, rather than pictures or stories. This might allow the users to get a new approach to sharing information and stories about the locations they visit.



Rating 7.0

<p>The main idea is, that users are supposed to record words, such as a poem, an advice or something they consider interesting, and somehow related to one of "noisy places" such as Edinburg, Oberlar or Terragona. The community is called the "echosphere", and is rather small. There are about 300 users, and only some of them create echos. There might be a problem with drawing more users for a while, because most echos are in Spanish, and speakers of other languages might simply not understand them, and leave the site, without the wish to wait for more echos in their native tongue.</p>


Rating 4.0

<p>The "echoes", as the creators called the audio files, are later shown on a map, and easy to find and play. Users can add echoes, create a list of favorite ones, subscribe to "latest echoes", "latest walks" or "latest favourites" and create groups. The users profiles contain little information and are not customizable.</p>


Rating 4.0

<p>The layout has some wild colours in it, but the site is clear and easy to navigate.</p>


Rating 5.0

<p>The site is still fighting with minor technical problems, for example, some echoes are silent.</p>
<p>Overall, the idea behind <a href="" rel="nofollow">Woices</a> is very interesting, the layout is clear and pleasant and networking tools are present. If the site develops, it may serve as a place of learning languages, advertizing interesting places and getting together.</p>