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Added 09/07/2013
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SO BAD SO GOOD The best and worst of the web.
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So Bad So Good - covers the very best pop culture content from around the web. Viral videos, features, photography, tech, design and more.



Rating 10

Apparently So Bad So good showcases some of the best and worst content from the world wide web. In actual fact, for good or for bad, the postings on offer here are great and you'll be hard pushed to find a bad one. I guess the idea of the 'bad' postings is that they're so bad they're good (if you get my drift).

I wasn't able to find out anything about the sites creators or indeed where it's based, so it does create a certain air of mystery which I actually quite like. The one thing I did notice is that every post I've looked at is from a guy called Alex Wain, so it does make wonder if he could be the soul driving force behind the site. And even if he isn't, it's certainly his content that makes it what it is.

Like I mentioned, there's so many great postings on the site but I especially like the following: 'A look at school classrooms from around the globe', 'Terrifying tea advert will give you endless nightmares', 'Here's 25 photos that will probably give you nightmares'. Do check these out and I'm sure, like me, you'll be intrigued.


Rating 10

In terms of functionality, the user experience at So Bad So good is great. The blog style nature of the site is intuitive and there's never a moment where I've been left wondering where to click next. The much needed social media area contained within each posting is spot on and allows the user to 'like', 'tweet' and 'pin' at will.

Found at the foot of the pages are searchable tags including headings ranging from 'Photography', 'Art', 'Design' and 'Movies' through to 'Horror', 'Japan' and 'Hollywood'; there's more than likely going to be at least one that should appeal to you amongst them.


Rating 8.0

So Bad So good certainly looks the part. The clean, crisp white of the background hows the bright pillar box red perfectly. The typographic logo sits innocuously in the header section creating enough intrigue for it to be memorable. Despite the sites use of advertising in various parts, they still feel detached enough from the content not to confuse the eyes of the user.

I have a few very minor criticisms but to be honest they ultimately don't make a massive difference to the experience one will take away with them. The paper textured background feels a little dated and rather dull and the condensed font used in the menu bar could be slightly easier to read. Like I said, very minor details but perhaps if they were addressed, it would make a good looking site great.


Rating 9.3

When I first came across So Bad So good, I have to admit that I thought it was going to be yet another one of the pop culture based sites that has content that just makes me want to shrivel up and disappear. I've seen all the cats in jars and random pictures of celebrities in uncompromising situations that I can deal with for one lifetime. However, what we have here is actually great. There's some genuinely funny, intriguing and fascinating features on offer that make the site a force to be reckoned with.

Thanks to the frequent updates and genuinely great selection of postings on offer I'll bookmark So Bad So good as a site to come back to on a regular basis. It's been my pleasant supprise of the month. Get involved and hopefully you will also share my enthusiasm.