Slow Robot
Added 09/07/2013
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Slow Robot Slow robot crawls the internetz gobbling up all of the lulz.
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Slow robot crawls the internetz gobbling up all of the lulz.



Rating 8.0

If you've ever come across sites such as 'Dear blank please blank', 'I waste so much time' and 'Grouchy Rabbit', you could be pleased to know that Slow Robot comes from the same creators. I'm sure you will more than likely notice that there's a certain degree of similarity to the aforementioned but unfortunately as there's no about page or any details prevalent that allude to what the site is intended for, I have to use my common sense when writing this review.

I would say the site is basically a user generated blog of video and image postings that the users simply like and want to share with the world. There are some genuinely interesting and funny postings on offer including 'teacher wears the same outfit for 40 years' and 'English movie titles and their french counterparts'. I won't say any more than that as you should defiantly go and check them out for yourselves!


Rating 7.0

The user experience here is very smooth and easy to navigate, which is ideal considering the nature of the blog. Each posting gives the user the chance to score it and leave messages. Then there are also links to a selection of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. The postings can also be filtered by clicking on one of the three key headings in the menu bar that include 'Trending', 'New' and 'Random'.

At the 'Submit' section, The simple drag and drop facility for submitting content is very straight forward and easy to use. So a big thumbs up there; these things can often be very fiddly and off-putting. i also managed to deduce that the guys accept all kinds of content and not just humour. So all in all it makes for a relatively exciting prospect.


Rating 7.0

Slow Robot is a pretty humble looking blog and it certainly won't win any awards for groundbreaking design and layout. However, it does what it needs to and is completely innocuous. They've taken the sensible step to keep a plain white background which allows the all important content to pop out.

The most noteworthy part on offer here, is the very cool and beautifully illustrated logo of the robots face. it even vibrates when one roles their mouse over it which is somehow very satisfying.


Rating 7.3

Overall, Slow Robot is a good site and well worth repeat visits. Like I previously said, it would be nice to know a bit more about what the sites creators intended by setting the site up but then again it's pretty obvious, so maybe they like the idea of it being more anonymous and a little mysterious. They're lurking there somewhere in the background, whilst the users generate the all important content. Thankfully they're monitoring what gets added, which eliminates the prospect of anything untoward appearing.

So whether you're looking to be inspired or simply wanting to waste a few minutes in you lunch break, there is bound to be something on Slow Robot that will make you want to go back for more. in the words of its creators: "The site is what you make of it, don't make it lame."