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Rdio is the ground-breaking digital music service that is reinventing the way people discover, listen to, and share music. With on-demand access to over 15 million songs, Rdio connects people with music and makes it easy to search for and instantly play any song, album, artist or playlist without ever hearing a single ad.



Rating 10

Rdio was launched in August 2010 by founder Janus Friiswith, one of the co-creators of Skype. Its headquarters are in San Francisco. Ranging from the United Kingdom and the united States through to Colombia and Hong Kong, there are literally countries all over the world that have Rdio available to them.

So what's it all about then? In short it's a superb digital music streaming service, that works in much the same way as Spotify. My first reaction is, well why bother with something new when Spotify is great and does the job really well? After all, it has many more users, so that amount of people can't be wrong can they? Well, they might not be wrong but it's naive to think there can't be something better or at least as good out there. What makes Rdio stand out over Spotify is a lot down to aesthetics. It looks so damn good and the attention to detail is superb, so call me vain but in comparison, Spotify feels dull. In this very fickle world we live in, it only takes a bigger, bolder, more sexier counterpart to come strutting along and before you know it, it's there at the top!


Rating 10

The user experience at Rdio is great. From the moment you open the Homepage, you feel comfortable and at ease with what you need to do in order to start enjoying the all important music that's on offer. The music player works beautifully and the tracks stream perfectly. A great little feature is when you click the record cover in the bottom right of the list view when streaming music. A much more simplified, larger version of the artwork and track listing appears. I like this a lot because it makes the music somehow feel more personal to you, in a similar way to when I used to buy CD's and vinyl records; it feels more like it's your own

Once you've set up an account up, you can enjoy writing reviews of the songs you love (or hate) which I'm sure will go a long way to informing other users of your tastes. I like the inclusion of the sub categories found on the left hand side. They consist of 'Heavy Rotation', Recent Activity', 'New Releases' and 'Top Charts'. These are great if you're stuck for an idea of what to listen too. There's also the added bonus of no adverts, which is amazing.


Rating 10

Regardless of anything else that one can say about Rdio, you would have to admit that it's a mighty fine looking website. The design and layout are finished to a very high standard leaving the user with the benefit of having used a slick and contemporary site. The predominantly bright blue and white colour palette succeeds in giving the site a fresh edge over its counterparts and it never for one minute feels as if it's trying to copy the aesthetics of Facebook or Twitter who both use very similar hues. This  could have been such an easy avenue to go down but instead they've quite rightly resisted.

I also feel I should draw your attention to the wonderful digital illustration that acts as the cherry on the cake of an already beautifully designed and crafted site. It fits perfectly within its environment and the eclectic use of images in the montage of musicians is a serious force to be reckoned with.


Rating 10

Remember the days when everyone swore by Myspace? Facebook came along and I thought it would never replace it but it did; dramatically. There's no reason why Rdio couldn't overtake Spotify in popularity, especially as it's equipped with all the right ingredients to do so. I'm sure there's a place for both of them in such a competitive music market. i think it's much better that they, along with any other counterparts out there, can exist together. It's a sure fire way to keep each other on their toes, potentially giving the all important consumer more for their money.

I think only time will tell if Rdio will be able to stand up against the mighty Goliath of Spotify. In terms of aesthetics and user experience it certainly deserves to succeed. Definitely check it out and download the app and who knows, with your contribution to its user base, before long it will be where it belongs with the big boys.