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Added 09/07/2013
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RCRD LBL is an online destination for free, curated, legal, MP3 downloads from the hottest marquee and emergent artists. RCRD LBL delivers free daily curated MP3’s on its website, through its content partners, and directly to you, on the RCRD of the Day daily email newsletter. RCRD LBL features thousands of free singles, remixes, and exclusive tracks.



Rating 9.0

RCRD LBL (Record Label without any vowels), is simply a New York blog based site that allows its users to stream and download music. There's also a facility to watch music videos included.
I would say that the content available here is more on the left field side of music and fans of huge chart topping stars are likely to be disappointed. It's by no means another Spotify as there's only a limited amount of material available by its featured artists. I look at it much more as a site for inspiring me and discovering new and potentially unknown talent. It's also worth noting that the tracks that can be downloaded can be done so completely legally. It's more the case that the artists have given their permision in order to help market them and get them exposure. Everyone's a winner!


Rating 8.0

i find RCRD LBL a very simple and easy site to use and navigate. I guess this is mainly down to its blog style layout. Each posting states whether it's a 'Stream', 'Download' or 'Video', which makes it easy for the user to decide whether they're interested in giving it a listen. Sometimes I prefer to go with the downloadable posts only, so that i can listen to them at my own leisure. Each posting also contains the usual trusty links to Twitter and Facebook; perfect for getting the artist more exposure.

There is a search facility at the top right of the page that is clearly useful if you're trying to find a posting you had listened to previously, especially as they appear in chronological order. It's not a very enjoyable prospect to have to trawl through loads of old postings to find your desired track. However, I don't understand why there can't be an extended, more detailed search that allows one to see an alphabetical list of all the artists featured. I'm sure this would help in discovering artists that you've either not heard of or forgotten about.


Rating 8.0

RCRD LBL is a clean, fresh and slick looking site that has an aesthetic that sits perfectly in the realms of music. They've gone for a black and white colour scheme that works as the ideal back drop to the myriad of often colourful, interesting and inspiring record covers and video stills displayed in chronological order on the site. The content is easily accessible and despite the inclusion of adverts, none of the key content elements feel lost or at loggerheads with each other.

I'm also a fan of their logo. It's probably a bit slow of me but I took a while to to figure out that the little white circle between the 'D' and 'L' represents the hole in the middle of a vinyl record. Very subtle but very cool!


Rating 8.3

I've been a fan of RCRD LBL for a considerable about of time. However, in recent months, it seems to have changed somewhat. it's key selling point for me was the weekly email I used to get in my inbox every Saturday that contained a list of various exciting new tracks to listen to and download. Now it just comes through sporadically and sometimes can be weeks before i see another one. It does make me wonder if the guys have been having trouble with the site or maybe there's less people putting time into keeping it running. Whatever the reasons are, I really hope they can bring it back to how it used to be, because it would be a massive shame to lose such a great and inspiring music site.