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The Leaf Label Blog is an official blog of independent record label based in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.



Rating 10

The Leaf Label is a UK based record label set up in 1994 by Tony Morley and Julian Carrera in West Yorkshire. They have put out amazing singles and albums over the years for great and creative artists such as Four Tet, Colleen, Nancy Elizabeth, Susumu Yokota, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, Caribou and Efterklang. I find myself in admiration of how well they select their label members and how they never seem to falter when it comes to discovering great quality music.

In the very competitive world of independent record labels, I would say it's of paramount importance to use the power of social media to promote the artists and to keep the brand very much in the social sphere. Leaf has achieved this well, thanks to the fact that they send out regular email updates linking to their blog, promoting their new releases, gigs, promotions and so on.


Rating 10

Overall, the functionality of the blog is very good and makes the user experince nice and smooth. As you'd expect the posts run in chronological order and there's a neat archive section running down the right hand side. There's also the inclusion below the aforementioned of a 'Latest Releases' area. This is a good move as it gives the user the chance to see what's new without necessarily having to read through all the blog posts. For me that's never a problem but it can be handy if I just want a quick fix.

I would love to see the guys at Leaf put out an app for the label; it would be the icing on the cake of an otherwise great and informative website. Don't get me wrong, the design of the site makes it easy to view on a smartphone (viewed in landscape), so perhaps I'm just being a little bit too finicky.


Rating 7.0

As you've probably guessed by now, I'm a massive fan of The Leaf Label and would love to give a score of ten out of ten for all the categories here. Unfortunately, I have to stick to my guns and admit to the fact that the site could do with a refresh. That's not to say that it looks terrible or even bad; it doesn't. It just feels a bit dated and I would love to see a slightly more quirky and edgy side that I feel reflects the diverse nature of the artists represented. I understand that it's sensible to keep the aesthetics to a minimum in order to let the featured cover artwork pop out but maybe just a little sprinkling of something would help. Please?


Rating 9.0

Personally I'm a huge advocate of this label and in terms of marketing, their blog working in conjunction with their regular email updates genuinely inspires me to purchase music and go to gigs from their wonderful and eclectic mixture of artists.
When one of their emails plops into my inbox, unlike some of the music sites I'm subscribed to, I'm always keen to click through to their blog to learn what's going down in the wonderful world of Leaf!

For at least a decade now, The Leaf Label has been my label of choice. This almost sounds like a contrived statement to make but whenever I learn of a new artist who's been signed to the label, I could almost buy their music having never even heard it, because I just know it's going to be great! The addition of the blog over the years just adds to the whole joyful experience I get from being a gargantuas fan of the label.