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Added 09/07/2013
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Kickstarter funding platform for creative projects
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Kickstarter is a web-based company dedicated to motivate and support small business projects, art projects and business plans among other initiatives. You can use for starting your own business, or to get funds for your project. What is more, you can invest on different projects including art and design projects, fashion and photography projects, and writing and publishing projects. This company provides you with tips to make a project and advice to start your own business. In addition, this site gives you the chance to invest in a project of your interest.



Rating 10

So what's it all about then? The idea is that if one has a creative project or idea that they want to bring to fruition, they go to the site and offer various incentives etc that allow other people to pledge money for and become backers. If within the designated timeframe, the target is met, the project owner is obliged to set the wheels in motion and create said project, honouring all the backers.

So for example, if I wanted to create a design book about typography and I knew I would need ten thousand pounds to produce it and make it happen, I would put that figure as my target. Then I could offer different incentives for different pledges. For instance, I could say that anyone who pays fifteen pounds, will receive a copy of the book along with their name printed inside. Everyone's a winner! I get my book produced without having to pay for publishers etc and the recipient gets a great limited edition book.


Rating 10

The level of coding that must have gone into developing this high functioning website has to be admired. Just working out the logistics of the wire framing must have been bamboozling.
It's easy to look at a site of this nature without even stopping to think  about how easy and smooth the user experience is. One basically just goes through the necessary stages of making their pledge etc and then goes about their daily business. And this is the exact reason the functionality of Kickstarter is such a resounding success. In my experience, it's the badly functioning sites that will stay in the public mind, ultimately annoying them to the point where they potentially won't want to re-visit, regardless of how much they like the concept.


Rating 10

Kickstarter is a very clean, crisp and contemporary looking website that views perfectly no matter what your chosen platform is. Attention to detail here has clearly been of paramount importance. The simple typographic logo looks neat whether viewed on a large desktop computer or a small smartphone. The bold green and black juxtaposes perfectly with the stark white of the background.


Rating 10

In a word, Kickstarter is amazing! Yes, this is a very bold statement but I strongly believe that it's the way forward in sourcing funding for creative projects.
I can't see how an idea like this can fail because no matter how flamboyant or ridiculous a project is it doesn't matter because  in short, if the Kickstater community isn't interested in pledging, the project simply won't happen!

So whether you want to make a contribution to a high end feature film or simply contribute financially to a local art project, there's bound to be something here to get you interested and excited. Trust me, I'm addicted!